Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow tutorial @lilit_style
Using #Dipbrow waterproof pomade




Omg i love #dipbrowpomade ❤️🔥


@acella325i na cut ang ibang part but its a good to learn



Дорогие девушки, предлагаю вам косметику только оригинал!!! Самые лучшие тени от мировых брендов, крема, тональные средства и многое другое вы найдёте у меня на старичке( так же помогу найти копии по отличным ценам) ✨


@kajaskanvas or which brow product should I go for? Pencil, powder or pomade?🙈


Hey loves 🙈 i have naturally black hair and I am dark skinned. So far I‘ve used dark brown dip brow pomade. But I want to go for a more natural look since my brows aren’t thick. Which color should I get? I like a more neutral shade rather cool or too warm 🙈 thanks in forward ❤


@basenjilady huoh näin yksinkertaisesti vaa


@moedan75 nem tanto né?


@lecavaliante essa ta facil vai 😂😂😂


Sobres, hay que hacerlooo ❤️


@mllebk3 merci 😬😬😬


Love this before and after ❤️


@roxydamo No! lol I like her brows !


Brow master👌🏻


Her eyebrows are perfect! 😍


@jaylynnramirez are you trying to hint at something 🙄 ... 😂 😂 😂



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