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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // #sponsored by @OneSight // Debora Anodade Da Silva, 21, has her vision checked with an EyeNetra portable handheld phoropter, a lightweight instrument used to measure refractive error and determine eyeglass prescriptions. Da Silva is nearsighted, which means it is difficult for her to read or see anything at a distance. Currently more than a billion people worldwide need glasses, but have no way to get them. Taking their commitment to bring sight to the world, OneSight, an independent nonprofit, hosted their first-ever, fully digital, eye clinic in the Amazon. More than 2,000 patients traveled to the clinic during a five-day boat expedition to bring better vision to a remote and underserved area. Lack of access to good vision care is no small issue. It can create a cascading series of problems for individuals, families, and communities - starting in school, when students can’t see what’s going on and have trouble reading. Uncorrected vision can have an impact on a persons employment prospects and even lead to social isolation. // Over a billion people across the world need glasses, but have no way to get them. In parts of the Amazon, people have to travel over 24 hours by boat to receive vision care. @OneSight found a way to reach them and provide more than clear sight. Watch today’s story for more.




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Nearsighted mean she can see only objects that are near. Hence the term nearsighted. I am happy to see that that people are getting help without having to travel so far.




Hello,my younger sister is suffering from incurable disease called SLE now we can't afford her treatment,plz help us,it is not a scam.




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