Today is #DayOfTheGirl — a United Nations holiday close to the causes Malala Yousafzai (@malala) champions, like girls’ education and women’s equality. “I wish more people knew what girls face every day. 130 million girls can’t go to school. The hardest thing is to meet a girl nearly my age, with all the dreams and aspirations that I have, stuck in a situation she didn’t create and unable to choose her own future. And I’ve met thousands of girls like this,” says Malala. “You see a lot of feminist hashtags and T-shirts. But if we really believe the future is female or that girls run the world, we need to support girls on the frontlines of the fight for education and equality.”
Today on our story, we’re hanging out with Malala, learning about some of the latest and greatest moments and people in her life. 🌍






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