It’s kindness in a box, and I’ll ship it to your door. BeKindbyEllen.com #bekindbyellen




Lol at the hand model


Is another box in the making? We're all waiting.


@coleserp do you happen to have the number or any information on how to get a hold of them@I believe I did get charged twice


@pearlz22_ customer service said they charged late for the box and to make sure it's not a double charge


@coleserp hey I had the same problem I’m not sure if it’s for another one or the same box


Did any one else that purchased the first be kind box get charged again last month for another one? I did just want to make sure they are not charging me twice for the same box!!!!


@theellenshow I signed up for the waiting list. Are you going to release more of these boxes?🙏


@anula_19a oh hell yeah ahahh😂😻


@_.jxllx4n._ omg same naillll😵😵😍😍❤️


How come us poor people never get anything for free?


Will now in you see this for the week in what would to do help out as well in these questions in you what now be you be kind to others have in you see this what now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. To you Ellen we believe in you


Was just charged for a second box. Unable to reach anyone who can help.


@jwowwza__ “her” nails


@beauty_is.her_name she dnt really have the nails on tho😂😂😂


@mykoreanitas i was saying the same thing🤣


i didnt think that was really her hand and nails


Yes all the box in there so much to me in you what now in that picture wow


@karrie_wollstonecraft 😂😂😂😭😭😫😫 Hoping her other box is better.


Love the concept of this but I am extremely disappointed in Ellen’s box #nopunintended 🤷🏻‍♀️ @vintage_doll


For a month i had the same nails as you ellen 😂😂😂


Lmao 😂 you make my day better than it already is!! 😘




Omg elen has been bedazzled




@harmnie I thought I got a problem 😂


What now be love you do like it ask you 🙌🙌


Noticed that too! Lmao😂


That now being myself all it is saying in nice watt you to now that do that I thot that do what is right


You wouldn't do your nails Ellen.. That's not you showing the stuff 😂😂




Ur nails are so cute




@chullachips63 your “Be Kind” shirts would be perfect for this box!

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