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Raised a wizard’s apprentice, Malekith the Accursed is a master of disguise with a penchant for vengeance. See how this Dark Elf became a magical thorn in Asgard’s side in a new #Marvel101!




How about the story of ebony maw




Remember this character from the lego marvel superheroes game.


Was killed by thor


@mayday2692 I could live with that 👏


@takezosouf "Always had universal conquest in mind" Sounds about right 🤔


Quite curious. :


I love this character


@spookdaddy480 He'd probably be in a Young Avengers movie, I doubt he could hold up a solo movie.


cool einfach cool




😭 😘😅


@mleging facts, could've actually been a good movie


@thorodinfun right?? At this point @jasonaaron has to hate Thor or be sick of him, he doesn't respect him at all and hasn't since Thor: God of Thunder

@jlc458 it’s not like they can’t. They already got half of the roster of the midnight sons in the mcu








This would be gd if it would slow down so I may reed it


Thats quite dark indeed 😑


Best villain in the MCU


When are comes

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