adam degross

LIL PEEP “COME OVER WHEN YOU’RE SOBER pt 2” out today! *billboard In Time Square




is the ad still on that billboard?


@mvkail please stop blaming “the label,”


And there is that photo AGAIN!!! See what I mean, Adam??!


@michael_mingus cause ghostwriters lol






He made poppin pills look cool then died from them. His music helped create a movement but made it look like fun to do stupid things


Pic by @adamdegross ? Or nah


@mvkail smoke needs to make money, peep's mother also has to make money. it's life brother, peep was doing this music shit for his mother.


@mvkail respect bro, everybody's opinion is different but just be respectful and grateful the fact we are getting music. it may sound polished for the radio, but he still killed the production. i don't believe it's cash grab like the x and peep song, but i hope you know labels have to make money.


is that your pic adam




@provemylove i’ll try again and i get smoke had a lot of pressure on him, but i feel like he still made peep’s vocals sound way too polished and overall the project sounds overworked on. there’s also no reason why falling down is on the project besides a cash grab from the label. personally i think that his death isn’t an excuse to praise this project as his best work, but if you truly think so then i respect your opinion


@mvkail i have listened to his old projects, i love them and still love this project. nobody can accept good work for good work, give it a bit and you'll be thank smoke for this album. ill admit i don't agree with some shit on the album, but it isn't a reason to bash smoke. i literally bet you couldn't finish an album that your dead homie recorded.. this project is chilling


@provemylove a lot of the songs had already leaked and the leaks sounded a lot better than the official. this album ended up becoming just a way of getting cash. this not peep’s vision, this is the label’s. go listen to castles, hellboy, or crybaby, they’re all better projects than this


@michael_mingus if you think that you weren’t a peep fan before he died


@blackahmed yup, just decided to go live again



🖤🖤🖤🖤 #goodvibesonly


Fucking wild


@itzklyde I’ll pass but thanks


That's amazing❤️ I love the new album! Been listening to it all day


Listened to it all, such a great piece of work.... RIP


@brett.barnes84 Go fuck yourself




sooooo SICK!!!!!






Is he a live?!





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