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Photo by @amivitale. In the remote areas of Burkina Faso, villagers must travel for miles to reach a pump well offering clean water. Most families end up drinking dirty water rather than walk the miles it takes to get to the well. The trek for clean water can take hours each day and can put women and children at risk of sexual assault, animal attacks, or other injury.

This week I’m sharing images of women around the world, exploring their lives and the vital roles they play in their communities.

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Aunque sean animales de carga, va demasiado cargado👎👎👎👎


@katobrien2 what about the donkey. We can’t just use animals for our own benefit and not care about their health. I’d rather have to carry all that stuff for miles myself than damaging a donkeys back like that.


@catchsujata actually no it’s too heavy for the donkeys back even one adult over a specific amount of weight is not good for a donkeys health. Makes me mad.


Why can’t she walk? The poor donkey...


We HAVE NO CLUE how great we have it. I want to go dig a well!!!! 🌊💦💧💦💧🌊


And what’s the photographers name?????


فولو مي


@blob_life hahaha my hometown


I’ve recently moved out of a US big city to to a smaller UK town and am realizing the differences of the availability of things at certain times. I’ve never had to imagine the difficulty of the availability of water. I’ve had to condense my life and belongings greatly but still have so much. What would be nice is a world where a woman doesn’t have to be afraid because she has a vagina. (Sorry if that medical word is too graphic for some reading ).




Poor donkeys


Save e donkey & help e people 😢😢😢


Why don't they live closer to the source of water rather than having to travel so far?


@dhvanit see location :p


Thank you for your work and eye opening photography 💘


Increíble el esfuerzo y ejemplo de vida🙄🙄😨❤❤❤❤


While it appears too much for the donkey we have to realize the woman and the younger girl are trying to survive !They have 2nd donkey to carry the water back maybe with the young girl on his back .I think that these picture should help us universally be more aware of not wasting water wherever we live,Clean available water is a necessity for healthy living.Thanks for the pics to make us aware of this👍🏻


I too, thought of the weight that donkey is carrying and know it’s too much. The lives these women lead are brutally difficult and oppressive. I feel much compassion for them and know their journey will be much more difficult without a donkey..


It’s sad to see people suffering, and imagine what it must be like for an animal who has absolutely no will over its own life and lives at the mercy of humans.




Ojalá todos lo tuviésemos igual de fácil😪😪😪




Thank you for the awareness you raise through your images.


Oh, what we take for granted.


Thank you for sharing this story with us.


Pobres burros


Support Streams in Burkina Faso, a non profit helping to drill wells in remote villages to aid women, children and animals alike.


@ruthnadinet this is where you taught us about x


همیشه دوست داشتم کامنتم لایک بخوره(:


Clean, potable water shouldn’t be dangerous to obtain😔.


🌍🙏🏿🙏🏻 💦 water is our most precious resource, and the struggle in some parts of the world to have access to fresh clean water is heartbreaking, something many of us just take for granted and waste. I have to say my heart ❤️ went out to the little donkey, what a loyal servant to man he has been and continues to be. I was surprised at the amount of weight this small animal is carrying on his back. Hope he is loved well cared for as well. 🌍🌎


What can we do for helping them @amivitale ?


Admirable labor por buscar agua y a lo que se exponen


@c_a_s_s_i_e if you look slightly up from the donkey you will see two people on it


I should never complain about modern inconveniences again! These are strong brave women.


Powerful picture. Appreciate your work in showing these parts of the world


Pope wee donkey, that looks like far too heavy a load!!

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