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Shades of Autumn. As the weather changes outside, your skin also changes with the seasons so you may need to transition from a darker shade of Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation to a lighter hue. Find your shade and turn your skin into a canvas of creation waiting for you to paint on your Fall make-up. #Lancome #FallIntoBeauty #FallMakeup #TeintIdole




Iam in Kenya how can I purchase it


I have it! It’s great!


@bel_esprit_91 you’re welcome!


@vivezcasse thank you for the info 🙏🏼




@leopardlarsen 👎🏼


@mariellegeronimo you might want to reconsider. Did you know this is on the top 10! Most toxic to cause cancer?


Is this true?


@andrurobles 💗💗💗💗💗💗


Absolute game changer 🙌 never switching to another foundations ever again!!


Literally the best foundation ever. Struggled for years with makeup that didn’t last, that was blotchy and oily (fountains that costed way more) and then I found this and it’s a dream come true 😭❤️


Bought this recently and was pleasantly surprised with the shade and coverage! @lancomeofficial #470


@lancomeofficial What happen to your Stick Foundation? Have you stopped making it available in Canada, I can't find it listed on your website!


@sugeybustama tía esas bases averigueme♡♡♡


whats the price??


@sorayataranto meu novo investimento, estou amando. Qdo puder, compra pra pra vc. 😍


What's different between black and transparent head of this glass?


Is the cushion version of this being discontinued???? It’s my absolute fave and I can’t find any refills 😭😭😭


Is this foundation safe for pregnancy


I reviewed this foundation on my blog - would love if you checked it out! The link is in my bio 💖✨


Il n’y a pas toutes les teintes de fond de teint chez Sephora en France, ce n’est pas normal


This used to be my favorite , until the formula changed sometime last year , it oxides in seconds and turns orange , also seems like it’s more drying and less coverage . Really sad because now I have no color match


Maravilhosa 😍


⚠️Please restock Skin Feels Good in Ulta!!! ⚠️ Y’all are driving me crazy 😭💓😓




Loooove this ❤️😍


The best foundation in the world 😍😍 and best product!! So happy @lancomeofficial good job❤️


I wanna try it👍❤️


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