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Photo by @joelsartore | Currently, only three institutions in the world are home to the critically endangered rufous-fronted laughingthrush. The main population is housed at Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center (CCBC) in Java where a captive breeding program was implemented in 2013. Over the past 5 years the facility has bred a total of 18 birds, with 17 still residing at CCBC. The key to success for this species will come from getting birds from different captive populations to breed with one another. The more genetic diversity a population has, the healthier it is, and the greater its chance of survival. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck this species may one day return to the wild. @zootrhy_plzen where this bird was photographed houses and breeds and has one of the finest collections of this species in the world.




@mhueth hahahaha laughingthrush????








the wooping crane is more endangered




Great project!!!










Beautiful little bird, hope they are successful in breeding them, so they can be released out in the wild again!


Let’s hope that it works πŸ₯




Wow, it's incredible seeing species returned to the wild.


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