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Photo by @chamiltonjames. Text by @chrisfagan_uac | Worn footpaths and a clean garden of manioc and papaya hint at the recent use of this village by an isolated tribe near Peru’s remote Alto Purús National Park. This border area between Peru and Brazil is home to perhaps the largest number of people living in isolation on earth. But despite its remoteness their lives are being threatened. A different tribe recently contacted nearby, told of a horrific massacre by men with automatic weapons; most likely narcos who use the area to move coca to Brazil. This photo was taken at a safe distance and only after we were certain nobody was at home. The tribe who live in the village are semi-nomadic and known to leave for weeks at a time to collect turtle eggs and other resources closer to major rivers. Shot for the Peru part of our October issue on the Amazon’s isolated tribes. Check out the link in @chrisfagan_uac profile for more information on isolated tribes in the area.




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I can see that the story here is front and center. Good work!




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Es lamentable que los gobiernos de cada país no protejan a éstas personas que tanto lo necesitan,hay tribus que han sido recién descubiertas porque en la selva ingresan a talar árboles y por la minería ilegal están invadiendo cada dia más extensiones de terreno en nuestra amazonia.También están depredando fauna y a las autoridades parece no importarle😕


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These people stay away from other peacefully as a large unit. A family. A true family. Leave them alone. You shouldn't even be within 100 miles of their territory. I'm gonna come over to your house and start taking pictures. I bet youd call the cops.





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