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Fighting Fire | Photograph by Kyle Miller (@wyoming_hotshots)
In Meeker, Colorado, two firefighters from a hot shot crew use a special tool to start a backfire. Creating a controlled burn is one way to fight a wildfire—the controlled fire consumes the grass and other fuel the wildfire depended on.

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Superbe !😍






Great shot!!!! 🙌🙌🙌✨✨✨


@divirgiliorowold you really can't spell efficient can you 😂


@hannahrowold you'd be scary with one.




👍👍👍😇Very nice!!! I like your job!!!


Wild fires are tragic events :(




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What a shot!


@rvarland93 gueniune wildland wildfire fire fighter


@birneybrayton look at you all photogenic


@honeybadger_x nice, I've been busy and hadn't seen it yet.


Special tool aka flare gun


This is awesome. Wyoming Hotshots are badass. @honeybadger_x


What a great shot 😍😍😍😍😍😍 it would be great to get your feedback too🤗🤙 Thanks alot 😎



@divirgiliorowold I think you misspelled 'efficient'


@calebrowold you'd love doing this!


Cool, @hannahrowold all you had was a drip'd be dangerous with one of these!


Wow great photo 👌

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