Eden Hazard

Hey my friends, have you seen the latest Chelsea App? 📲 You can get all the latest Chelsea news, videos and exclusive interviews 😉 #CFC (Link in my bio)

Hey mes amis, vous avez vu la nouvelle application de #Chelsea ? 📲 Vous pouvez accéder à toutes les nouvelles vidéos, photos et interviews 😉




مـٰ۪۫ــﹷٰٰٰٰـﹷ⁽🥀₎ـٰ۪۫ﹷٰٰــريتــۛۛہۦ˛⁽❥₎⇣ "̮


Esto es lo que necesita el Madrid. Enhorabuena, Bienvenido El Mago.




Yeah football is my life too






@jalilshahbazz mahnının adı nəydi yadımnan çıxdı sjdkd






We loves you in Nigeria


Hello. I am from Syria. I want to go to Europe but I do not have the money I need a little. I hated the smell of blood. It is my right to rejoice and celebrate like you. Now I am a resident of Turkey.


Hazard amazing player, you are the one of best chelsea player we are so happy we are the funs hazard,and the we are the funs of chelsea.





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