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Here’s one thing that happened when I had my kids…

It wasn’t that they took up all my free time. They did, but I was expecting that. The thing that went off like a 💣 in my life was that they were sooooooo unpredictable. When I took this selfie on Saturday, we really WERE having just as good of a time as it appears. … As I type this the baby is in my arms, has been for hours, and cries and whines as soon as I put him down 🤒 …

I never know who I’m going to get when I’m with them, and that for me has been the hardest thing about motherhood, and the thing I’d say nobody “warned me about.” I’m not sure how you warn someone, besides a pat, “expect the unexpected.” Expect to make a plan that will be roundly unfollowed and ignored. Expect not to be able to get that one little thing done. (It has taken me 20 minutes to get this IG post done, through literally a dozen important and totally valid baby interruptions.) Expect to be completely surprised and delighted like you never thought possible by 5 minutes of quiet, engrossed independent play. …

They have forced me to take it one day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time. One second at a time? They are always teaching me. Ehat do your kids teach you?




Thank you for sharing! 👍


I agree 100% perfect. Even a car ride becomes insanely unpredictable.


This is great, have a good day 😊


My kids have forced me to learn how to manage my least favorite parts of me so I can help them work through what they inherited from me. 😐

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