You deserve to be with someone and be loved by someone who thinks you're more than good enough. We all do that.
You are probably not used to such a kind of love. Because only a few people can love you so much.
You deserve someone who does not lose weight. You deserve someone who is patient and waiting for you, no matter how long it takes. You deserve someone who refuses to leave, even if you push him away. You deserve someone who does not feel intimidated by the walls that you have built and you deserve the love that rips your walls like a wrecking ball👑#words#true#insta#makehappy#fashion#selfie#car#zurich




Schönes Bild! Falls du Lust und Zeit hast, schau doch bei uns im Hönggerhof zum Brunch vorbei. Brunch-Buffet à discretion für CHF 39.- #hönggerhof!


Amazing instagram page. 👏 👌👍

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