Who is this


@shaychristofilakis not mad just disappointed


Gooooooo TRAVIS!!!!!!!




Ed Woodward bought this guys??


Rwilly I got your autograph at the X games


Travis 返


@restu_tigor_gabe ayok gor kita nabung biar biss kesini bareng wkwk


@rb_scoot03 you did this before them.


Nice one gu8 Manchester united is the best team in the world 歹歹歹歹歹




Why is he so gay I mean I like scooters but hes gay


@taticv17 debemos llevarlo a Manchester


@fedequesada jajaja yo feliz el mae todo carga jajaja


@zaktindall jeeez, sorry I called it a kids toy!


Oh my.......ryan n travis is united...cant believe it.......


@tom.atkinson.75 why does that grown man have a paw patrol christmas calendar?


@71harry hahahahahahah

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