I think we left a piece of our hearts in Colorado. 💙

We started our roadtrip on Friday. The first few days were boring. We made it through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas over an agonizing three days. We finally arrived in Denver and I just felt an overwhelming sense of bliss. I’ve always wanted to live in CO, and although it was way too short of a stay, I felt at home. .
We then explored a bit of Utah and spent a night in Valley of the Gods. And now we’re in a hotel room in Las Vegas.
I cannot put into words how beautiful it is out here. I can’t believe it took me so long to move west.

145 Mayflower Gulch



Wow he is such a stunner 😍😍


All around stunning 😍


@odin_the_agouti yeah we arrived yesterday. At my sisters for thanksgiving and heading to our new home tomorrow. 😊


@echothesiberian im sure i will share those same sentiments👍 i an so so happy for you guys. Where is the final destination, Cali?


@happyhikingpups where did you live before?


@odin_the_agouti I was trying to describe it to my friend in NJ and she goes “’re never moving back to Jersey are you?” 😂 I was like “nope” without hesitation lmao


So incredibly jealous, I can’t wait to move back west again one day! There’s truly nothing like it 💜


Stop you are making me what to go right now. This sounds like a blast of a road trip😍❤️




This is amazing 😍😍 if only i can be there too 😍😍

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