Kim Kardashian West

found this pic from my last Miami trip. Take me back please, it’s pouring rain here





Semsemaa mohamed.


Follow back please sister


So Beautiful)


@jeweledglossboss she has Armenian in her ffs


Be you not another race


bruh clean your room..


That's no tan that's spray paint


Looking like a whole black woman


Two toilets and a panty lol that’s the life


Looks like a bidet and toilet y’all are stupid






That's not Kim


Im keeping this photo for my memories 👾


why it look like she got 6 toes bruh


Panties on the floor ☺️


@noemi_carlitos mira toda la ropa sucia en piso 😮😮😮. Yo no hubiera subido está foto o por lo menos hago borrosa la ropa interior.

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