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Sleighbelles… slay. Are you glistening? If not, rev up with holiday sparkle, glitter red packaging and pure starrrpower from #MACPATRICKSTARRR Slay Ride. @PATRICKSTARRR






Mac be lyinggggg cuz they really said the powder was back to take it away and that’s ALL WE WANT! No your setting powder doesn’t work as good this is the ONLY one I can use on my dark skin no fear of flashback


🤦‍♀️Price increase for half of the amount product.... I’m speechless. No thanks I’ll take my money elsewhere 😂


Since @patrickstarrr has told the world of a great company @maccosmetics is I started buying your make up again #thesix


This collection ♥️♥️♥️


RIGHT, so I left a comment on here about the disgusting price increase for half the amount of product with the Patrick powder, you replied telling me to email you guys, I did and then found out you had given me the INCORRECT email address, I replied on insta to tell you and you gave me the (I’m hoping) correct email. It’s been 5-6 days and no response. There are ALOT of unsatisfied customers asking about this same issue and I’ve noticed you have given them ALL the INCORRECT email address to send their complaints and enquiries too, therefore none of them are being received. Which I find SO sneaky. @maccosmetics please explain?


Does the Patrick start baby it’s good outside come with a mirror! Cuz I could’ve sworn Patrick said in his YouTube video that it would come with one. I just received mine and it’s mirror less?


Really unhappy about the powder. You half the product and raise the price. I understand supply and demand but this is unethical. Also, as pretty as the packaging is, it's really inconvenient.


That is to much red


MAC should be ashamed of the way they have taken advantage of their customers over the Patrickstarr powder!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I have messaged you guys before like almost 2 weeks ago to ask when does this collection launch in South Africa and I haven't received a response


Worst product launch. So disappointed in packaging and product price per gram. Love the powder but I feel duped. It’s going back. I’ll find another powder that I don’t have to fight to buy or sacrifice how I apply my powder for Barbie-like packaging. Do better @maccosmetics


YASS 😍 totally buying


@maccosmetics will there be a re-stock of the powder? I really want to get my hands on it


... All the way 🔔 🔔 😜😜



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