Martin Garrix

December 14th @itsjulianjordan




@noa_klutz_ deze is wel goed hoor🔥🔥


So I Guess it’s not Crystal?


GLITCH COME TODAY!!! @martingarrix


Que hora se estrena?

hãy dành 1 ít thời gian ghé ínsta shop để tăng thêm sự thu hút của bản thân bạn nhé <3






🇿🇦 south Africa is Ready😭😭🔥🔥


@mani1191 😂😂😂


@karol_lucerov como si te pescara


Can't wait


@igiii_w Sowieso ois a Glitch 😂😂




@liinussandersson @linusalenby redan lyssnat sjuk är den




@lochtenbergh haha well. Jetzt gehts echt zu weit!


@garrixcom yes pls😊 you really loyal for Martin and garrixers😝 thank you!


@_____a13x hahahaha I have some screenshots of the conversation with my friend saying him “hey man!! I committed to name this track Glitch, I may post them when it comes out) 🤩


@garrixcom I want you up the scene of when you said “ glitch “ on live stream if you have recorded that 😊 as a memories for garrixers💓


Can't wait brother..🔥


Excited ❤️


Can't wait!!!!!!! 👑🔥🔥🔥




IM soo exited!!! @martingarrix 🔥🔥🔥


@kevintanggames for sure! I’m freaking out hahahah


@martingarrix yaaas. On my birthday; so exited.



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