Kris Jenner

Thank you for my GORGEOUS bag @deeocleppo @mrshilfiger #obsessed #grateful #love ❤️❤️




Gifts in return you post & promote. Do u do anything else? Lookmat this...blah blah blah. Nothing special Kris when u say the same thing over and over


Krisjenner can u plz send me ur dust bag xoxo ima bit dusty 😍💋💯


lovely baby♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Looks just like a skate Spade or Coach.






❤️ Hi mom I love you !


@krisjenner sponsor me I never asked for anything 😂😍😘🍀


ضيفوني متفاعل ناار(*˘💓︶💓˘*).。.:*♡




It’s so basic


متفاعله استوري وعام ضيفني وماتندم


This bag looks so sad and not presentable


Ugh really? I'm sure you don't need that...and I'm even more sure you don't need to make a video about're so vain


Wow nice ❤️🔃




The most liked picture on Instagram is held by @world_record_egg (over 20M), let’s beat it and get @world_record_kat over 20M, we can do this🤪❗️







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