Lisa and Lena | Germany®





Omg voll hübsch 😍❤️


OMG 😍girls i love it ❤️


Amazing Photo


lena are u gay


@yam.sahar שלי יותר יפה חיות בסרט


@stav_barazani13 שופי על האף


You realy very pretty😍😍


@shanialoos vooral het haar 😂


@frederique95x jaa een klein beetje 🤔❤️


Bangs is so nice on u gaiz🤩😍


@shanialoos jij lijkt op die linker 😍


@oliviagraceheim thank you now I finally know how to tell them apart lol 😂


@oliviagraceheim who’s the one with bangs? Lisa or Lena?


Ist die mit Pony Lisa?😂💕


Pretty twins




Ihr seid meine Idole habe euch leider aber noch nie getroffen bitte antwortet wenigstens😭💔😍❤




Your so amazing I love you so much and plus your so pretty 🔥🔥😍😍


you guys are real beautiful




Can u do a Streching-routine on Youtube?💕🤚🏼


Wow ❤️❤️


lisa and lena come to georgiaa please please


Lisa looks like @clairo in this


Two wonderful flowers 💋💋

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