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Photo @tbfrost | This is the black mamba of the Amazon, only it is *not* venomous. This deep red-colored snake is the rusty whip snake (Chironius exoletus), considered a warrior of the rainforest by herpetologists for its speed, agility, and boldness. Scientists tell me they almost always find this particular species with scars or fresh wounds, a testament to battles it has endured. Thing is, this snake, as with all snakes, doesn’t have an interest in hurting humans , which is evident here as it is resting calmly in the hands of Lucas M. Bustamante, a scientist and photographer with Ecuadorian nonprofit @tropicalherping. This snake was caught as part of an ongoing, and fully permitted, scientific project. If you see a snake, leave it alone; it's better for you and the snake.




@_msm_jml اااااه حالم بهم خوووررررددددد.عمتههههه


@_faeze_j.m.l_ تویی😂😂😂


How would you even know if it's poisonous or not.... Lay man and the average won't know... We just knowing now cuz we on social media.. Any one who sees snake wouldnt Want to ask the snake "hello Mr snake are u poisonous? " 😂 just run for ur life that's what I kn Abeg


Its Gorgeous


Fascinating 🔥


Love snakes I love all reptiles 🦎🐍🐢


Jako lijepo


mnogo Si lepa


@robsarchuk remember leave it alone!


good day, pretty excellent shot, ensure that is stays up


hello, really fantastic pic, keep it up


If you see one, leave it alone? Nah, I’m gonna run 👀




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good day, extremely nice display, make sure that it stays up


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You say leave it alone....and you are messing with it???????


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@ju.arisaa poxa... hahahaha ❤️❤️


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OMG I don't like snake's


I thought black mambas were really dangerous to humans. It's a surprize to see a human holding one. I do believe it's good advice, if you see a snake leave it alone.

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