Walking into the weekend like... I’m headed to Vegas, what are you up to?? #TGIF #BODY #CheriFit








Ana Cheri!,Moda Verde!.💯💯🦜💋👶!,(becho niño!,omg!.




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Wow 🙀what an amazing attractive beauty 😍😘🤤😊🌺


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Beautiful curvey, nice dress 🌹🌺🥀💋


Beautyfull body❤️❤️❤️❤️




You look so gorgeous😎😌😍🔥


Beautiful looking


Nice looking👌




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So pretty 💖💖


Perfeitamente linda 😍😍


My my my








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@antoniavinciarelli the disease wouldn't but certain medications would. I think its the curse of the IG model...what drives you to seek so much attention by way of beauty will eventually makes you go too far. They all do it. Gorgeous at the beginning but they always go overboard. Such a shame bc she was the best


@anacheri Where is this dress from??


Loved the Anna in green eng jack Check shawkyjack if ready call back kisses


I’m winning in Vegas hah!!




@cyone.heagney find me this dress. Ok bye 🤰🏽


Dinner date?

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