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Are these located at the Montebello location?


I need these !!!!!


I have size 36 in EU. What size Will I be needing.✨❤️ @fashionnova


Love these




@unicornfcuker omg I love these


@xoabbzz ohhh!!!! Those looks nice !!!


@fashionnova Are they like spandex when it comes to stretch I wear size 5 in ur jeans should I go a size down


Is the model wearing heels? Or barefoot?


@limited_edition_dee I got these in my cart lol


Hacen envíos a tortola


What sizes these come in?


I would like to buy these in a large how much


How much is the jeans?😍


😍 Do you have these in plus sizes?


@itty_bitty727 yessss 5'2 over here lol. Short abd skinny 117 lbs 😂.


@fashionnova stop telling people this model is 5’7 she is not !!! She is 5’4


@fashionnova gosh, do you have any for the shorter group of people...petite 5'3 ?😊😊


Do these come in plus size ? @fashionnova


Can y’all make a collection for short girls :/


@soinsouciant lol thanks boo💋


@iammoanamonroe oh those will hug your hips real nice baby


@spaceylacey0916 yep cause she told u all this girl stop it stop hating

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