Welcome to the 🔴 brand. #Raw #SuperstarShakeUp




I thought sullavin was on smack down


@laceyevanswwe I think I’d honestly rather watch someone have a stroke and die. It would be better watching that compared to watching you and your “talent”


Not the mix I what to see it all


Oke, so lara sullivan in both brand ?


The Viking Experience? I thought they were called War Machine?


AJ Styles is the New Universal Champ


That beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥


@_notoriousk.i.d_ hopefully if they put him on TV more


@paigewwedaily nothing makes sense lol


@kor__eee we got used to it


Andrade and Charlotte are on separate shows now


@nohoeinmyblood - haha they legit put Lars on both shows 🤷🏻‍♀️😂


Samoa Joe is missing


@laceyevanswwe The woman who receives opportunities just for walking around.


After the wwe shake up red brand became the weak brand


Sheamus and Joe are on Raw too and Lars joined SDL not RAW


Who are half of these people






❤️❤️❤️. I prefer Smack Down




Didn’t Lars Sullivan join smackdown live?


I want to see Lars vs Brock


@mat.roberts.33 advertised (too early in the morning for spelling)


But you advised Lars for Smackdown live WHAT ARE THE RULES #wrestletalk


Wow 😱😲 ❤️


@elenaaguilera_276 let’s not get carried away with our fantasies


take my Smackdown man the Miz to Raw then switch my RAW man Finn Balor to smackdown, this isn’t okay cmon and work w me😪


It’s pronounced WAR RAIDERS


So @lars_sullivan is playing both shows? Sweet!


Raw has gotten Awesome


Why lars Sullivan on both shows

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