The @sixers (1-1) & @laclippers (1-1) each win in Monday’s #NBAPlayoffs action!




@febian.ap baru awal awal ini


Playoffs best of 7?




@solidlo for how many years?


Check us out 🔥👟




@soonerace1 Yea..the finals record these past years against the cavs


@tidalwave_tae soooo you don’t wanna talk about this ?


Where lebron at ??


2 0 blazers


@ernest.m__ Yeah They are just got lucky


Like for Celtics


Go Raptors 🇨🇦


Follow me


Wait Mavericks aint on here?


@sultanfaturahman don’t say it that way it gets more publicity as a stat if t has the Warriors in it


Clippers in 5


No LeBron ?.


Dub nationnn


Go nuggets


Can you guys please just play 4 games a night. It’s way too hard to keep track of all these series


This Gon B Interesting 🤔


@tidalwave_tae deal I’ll send u my number but I can’t come thru right now if I loose I’ll bring you 50 in a envelope sealed to you


@rafael.gbrandao TNC deixa o cavs quieto


Pistons vs clippers in finals.


@popit4mark I mean that is a fact. Saying gsw is stacked don’t mean we can’t say the clippers are good

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