Seeing these images and clips online is the reason I can’t sleep right now
How did we get here.... How is shit happening on THIS level...???




Very sad situation.








Bro this is insane 😢




Stand with humanity, stand with Sudan , God help the people of Sudan #BlueforSudan 🇸🇩 #PrayforSudan




The world does not have god in their life






Since it's Africa nobody will say anything


Tyrese we help them they hate us for it an when we don't help they want us to help they can't make up their minds one minute they are wanting us to help the next minute they are hating America cuz we are helping them its true an facts


@tyrese what can were do? We need to help


I Don't KNOW ❤Tyrese.


So sad... I haven't been able to reach one of my people from Sudan. I'm hoping that he and his family are okay. 🙏


I’m not even going to like this photo @tyrese because of how true those words are, it’s nothing to be liked.. it’s something that needs to be stopped, and I plan on making a pretty big impact in a challenger 2 tank ASAP


As a real soon to be British army tank driver, trust me when I say, this madness is not going unrecognised, justice will run em over soon enough🙏🏼


Same thing is happening in Cameroon 🇨🇲




Allah Kareem



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