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The struggle is real. What was your favourite childhood game?
Follow @nerdscandies_uk, they know that some video games are harder than others.

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It called Black and White... or sth... You were a god, and you had a creature. And you had to conquer villages. The best game of my life! Somebody, please help me find that game 🎉


@mschristine08 maen ini dooonkkk


@nerdscandies_uk I thought you were a gaming company 🤣 I only realized you were the candy brand when I clicked on your profile. And I only clicked because I know 9gag charges a lot for a media buy, so I was curious who bought it lol


Red faction 1




Revenge of the Gator. Super fun pinball game on the gameboy. Tetris and Galaga


Favourite childhood game, pretending to be Huckleberry Finn at the swamp that was behind my house. Favourite teenage game, pong.




Final dynasty (psp)


If you can't play with the dam thing .why you put it on stupid


@eemilyykrst das war mega nice


Tämbäh tinģģi 5-10ćm däläm 20-30 häri mäü käk ? Cëk IG äkü käk! üsia 21ťh+ bisä käk!😊😉


Boxhead was the best multiplayer game






Hide the wiener


Double dragon all the time when we were camping


Super mario ❤️

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