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by @macangel56

@Regrann from @samheughan - Delighted to announce the launch of my new @Barbour AW18 collection! Available exclusively at @macys #BarbourSamHeughan #Ad


by @lequazionedeilibri

Qualcuno ha detto nuova collezione a tema Rinascimento? Ovviamente il primo volume non poteva non essere mio! Quello che vedete in foto è il primo volume dell'opera a volumi "I GENI DEL RINASCIMENTO" che potete trovare in edicola oppure online sul sito della @deagostini_official (ve lo lascio a fine post). Questa nuova opera raccoglierà le monografie delle grandi menti che hanno segnato e rivoluzionato il Quattrocento, partendo proprio dal genio di Leonardo. Scoprite di più sul sito: deagostini.it/genirinascimento
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by @hkroszel

#ad Owning a poodle has been shown to increase both your happiness and your exposure to fresh air. Go get yours today!! 🙃🐩🍂🍁❤️ #pencilmarie #goldendoodle


by @gottshot

I've got new(ish) hair!!! Well it's in between colours at the minute. Usually when the colours all faded out of my hair, I'm left with a very yellow/brassy hair colour. It just isn't me at all which is why I started using the new
@fudgehair Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo. They claimed it was one of the best blue shampoos on the market and after trying it, it'd have to agree. It's one of the best I've used. I leave it on for a few minutes, twice per wash and it has given me a nice grey/white shade on my uber bleached locks. #CareToBeDifferent you can buy it from;
@fudgehair and


by @itsophierush

You guysssss.. Look what I’ve just ordered!! A Chocolate shake program packed full of vitamins that make your hair grow !💁🏼‍♀️BEYOND excited for this.. Thank me later.
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by @the_curioussheep

#partner #ad another fabulous kit from @zymoresearch 👍 this is actually a kit I've had for a while, but I don't use it that often 😮 I have a side project that I work on sporadically (when I'm not working on naked mole rat things) that involves using microRNAs 😁 microRNA (or miRNA) is small pieces of RNA that have many regulatory functions in the cell 👩‍🔬 many times miRNAs can be upregulated in cancer, so they could be useful therapeutic targets 😮 however, before we can target them we have to know how they function and what specifically they interact with in cells 👍
Sooooo back to this kit 😂 this cute column is from the Direct-Zol RNA Miniprep Plus kit 😊 I like to use this Zymo kit when I need miRNA, because this kit extracts total RNA so I know for sure I'll get what I need 👍 as with all of their kits, it's a really quick protocol and I looooove saving time 😂 plus, I've always gotten a high yield so I have plenty of my miRNA to repeat my experiments the dozens of times I'll need to 😂
You can enter code 'curioussheep10' at the Zymo checkout for 10% off your total purchase! **One time use, U.S. customers only!**
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Jupiter, Florida

by @nerdiousbrands

#Moth memes are still a thing right? 🦋🦋🦋


by @malutrevejo

@BrighterWhite cause theres nothing like a nice white smile 😍🙌🏼 #BrighterWhite #Smile #nadiecomoyo #ad


by @lauren_miller95

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.This year, Suja is teaming up with Boarding for Breast Cancer in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! #ad. Every in-store and online purchase of Lemon Love and Ginger Love will include a donation to Boarding for Breast Cancer. BUT that's not all! October 1st to October 31st Suja will be offering $99 Fresh Start + Free Shipping on SujaJuice.com with a portion of proceeds going to Boarding for Breast Cancer as well! Get your juice on!
I have my fringe stocked with Lemon Love & Ginger Love
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by @jelena_berar

The Romanoffs is a modern TV series telling the stories of 8 people who think themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family. ⠀
Every episode in series features a unique cast, storyline, and place. The Romanoffs motivated me to dig in my family lineage and legacy.⠀
My last name is "Berar" and I discovered that it`s quite often in Romania ( nor Russia LOL). But, no one in my family doesn`t know anyone older in the family that was Romanian. I have never been there. ⠀
So, my father decides to ask one history teacher and he told us that the surname "Berar" has a French lineage and probably lot of people with this surname in Romania are from the time of Napoleon's battle in Russia. As they were exhausted, hungry and frowned on their return from the march to Moscow, they stayed in the territory of Romania and continued their lives there. From there they spread to the surrounding countries.⠀
. ⠀
Quite interesting, isn`t it? What do you know about your family lineage and how does it affect who you are today? .⠀
The newest @TheRomanoffs episode will be available on Friday, October 19th. Check out the show #TheRomanoffs on #PrimeVideo! Link in my bio!⠀
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by @thedressychick

#ad I popped into a refreshed San Diego @Subway to check out their new elevated beverage and sandwich options, I was not disappointed! The California Club is sure to hit the spot with yummy avocado and mustard seeds! #MakeItBoldSanDiego

Torrey Pines Subway

by @mouldyfruit

Forever being asked how I went from box black dyed hair to blonde and how I keep it healthy. Other than my fabulos stylist @phoebehairslayer the maintenance has been down to these amazing products from @fudgehair - I’ve never used a purple shampoo and conditioner that hydrates and repairs my hair the way these two do 💜 They have helped to banish brassy tones and kept my hair looking and feeling great.. FYI they smell incredible too 😍 Available @beautybaycom @lookfantastic @feelunique #ad #CareToBeDifferent

London, United Kingdom

by @samu1240

Mi sento libera...libera di prendere qualunque strada, libera di perdermi, libera di scegliere. Sono libera di una libertà che forse non ho neanche immaginato. E, come se non bastasse, non ho paura. Io non ho paura. # pensiero 2013#ricordi di fb#ad oggi ancor più sentito e vero😃🎉🎉🎉😎


by @erica_davies

Do not adjust the 'gram. It is me, Erica 'The Prude' Davies wearing what appears to be a PIECE OF LINGERIE as outer-wear. And that's very much because it is. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was working in partnership with Triumph Lingerie on their Amourette collection - and this is the second of three looks I will be showing. Because even though a great bra will undoubtedly create the perfect base for your outfit, it can also BE your outfit. Think about how you wear contrast bras with straps on show. Or perhaps a silk camisole
OVER a tee shirt. This, right here, is the Amourette 300 Body, which I'm wearing as a top, with a maxi skirt and a blazer, for a new take on a going out-out look. Plus, as I discussed this week, getting more wear out of your clothes is so important (thank you all so much for such brilliant responses and feedback, by the way). It's all about
rethinking the way you wear your clothes, even your lingerie ✨ #AD @triumphlingerie


by @cookingcarnival

Instant Pot Fall Harvest Pesto Pasta - Quick, easy and delicious one-pot festive dish, made with fresh seasonal ingredients to elevate your everyday meals. #ad @barilla
Recipe link in bio
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by @chrisjohnsonhoops

NBA Season here🙌🏾 @fchwpo Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics 🍀 @celtics kickoff tonight 😤 📽 @swishcultures

Los Angeles, California

by @annjelife

Is it fall break yet? 📚
Feeling those autumn back to school vibes thanks to @shopranran! 🎒 I’m always traveling and on-the-go, so when when the going gets tough, luckily this pack always has my back! (See what I did there? Hehe.) What’s your one thing you can’t leave the house without? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📸 @mikowashere
🎒 @shopranran
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by @amerie1936

Dreamy 🕊 #staircase


by @itsginnydi

When @redbubble approached me about a sponsorship, I got super excited because of how many amazing Critter artists offer their work there! Check out the full haul video on my YouTube channel — link in bio. If you’re interested in any of this great stuff, use the link below to shop (so they know I sent you!) ⠀

💜 Shop Redbubble: rdbl.co/itsginnydi-h18⠀
💜 Get 15% off with code: H18-itsginnydi⠀

Redbubble is an amazing site that allows independent artists to easily sell their art and design via the Redbubble marketplace (I sell my own designs there!) When you buy from Redbubble, you’re not just getting awesome merchandise — you’re supporting artists, too!⠀

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by @nerdiousbrands

Shout out to @DxDimension for rocking our #AllMight Hoodie! Get yours today, only @NerdiousBrands! 💪💥💪💥💪


by @linoya

Roses + banana trees 🌹 🍌 go to the @danielwellington website to get 15% off with code LINOYA while purchasing your bracelet ❤️ #danielwellington #ad

Los Angeles, California

by @rosee_teaa

Another amazing perfume sample I was able to try. I think this has to be my favourite scent! With Daisy Love by @marcjacobsfragrances you get this amazing floral scent mixed with an amazing hit of sweetness and musk. This is a great perfume for those girly girls out there 😊.

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by @doroteah288

#Repost @theendlessadventure (@get_repost)
Here’s a little teaser for our upcoming Switzerland videos 😻 Zürich is more beautiful than we imagined! I mean, that water, amiright?? First Zürich video dropping tomorrow! Have you ever been to Zürich? High prices aside, did you fall in love like we did?
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by @underground_anime_entertain

Check out CUPID! from the awesome comic artist @komikfaris