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by @valeriana.grajales

Mujer, si tu hablas por tí, yo también voy a hablar por mi. Juntas hablemos fuerte sobre el abuso y el acoso sexual. No es un fantasma, no es una mentira. Si yo tengo esta pañoleta, si lees #YoSiTeCreo, si sale de mi voz, es porque quiero que sepas que no estás sola en esto. 📸 Ph por mi talentosisimo amigo @deartommy666


by @mulierpanama

El Decreto No. 49 del 4 de febrero de 1972, firmado por el entonces alcalde Ernesto de Diego, durante la dictadura de Omar Torrijos Herrera, tenía por título: "Por el cual se dictan medidas relacionadas a la decencia pública y permanencia de mujeres en cantinas, pensiones, hoteles, burdeles y otros centros de diversión".
La norma en su sexto artículo señala: "Prohíbase la entrada y permanencia de cualquier mujer en cantinas, centros nocturnos, cabaret, boite, etc. a menos que se encuentre debidamente acompañada por un varón, mayor de edad, que se haga responsable de la misma, o porte un carné (de la Alcaldía)".
En el artículo primero de este decreto se exige a las mujeres tener un carné de la Alcaldía de Panamá para poder estar en centros nocturnos solas.
"Es objetivo principal del Gobierno Revolucionario darle una nueva fisonomía al país, no solamente en el aspecto material, sino también en el aspecto moral", añade el decreto.
Este decreto estuvo en vigencia por 45 años, desde 1972 hasta el 2017, la actual administración @municipiodepanama bajo el mandato de @blandonjose declaro inconstitucional el mismo, esta información fue verificada por el equipo de @mulierpanama antes de realizar este post.
#ChangeMakers #HeforShe #TimesUp #YesAllWoman #womenenpowerment
#mulierpanama #genderequality #womensrights


by @the_homeschooling_keto_queen

Never in a million years did I think I’d have the time and money freedom to be a stay at home mom, let alone be able to homeschool my daughter 😭

2.5 years ago I said yes to a “make money from facebook” opportunity that I was super skeptical about 🙈 and it changed our entire lives 🙌🏻 In less than a year I went from a working mom quickly moving up the corporate ladder to a paid stay at home mom...the even bigger miracle is that I enjoyed it 😂

I still have the adult interaction and conversations, I still have the same feelings of accomplishment as I had when I was working full time, but I also have more time with my family, and in general just more time ⏰ I like not running 24/7 to be honest 🤷🏻‍♀️ All that to say I’m just beyond grateful to God for nudging me to get over myself and walk through the door He opened for our family 💖 #dreamjob

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by @mixed_feelings7

One day may go bad but next day again you get your 86400 seconds so use it wisely..
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Upvan Lake

by @valeriana.grajales

Esta nueva edición de #PinkyPromise se trata de nuestra voz colectiva que se construye gracias a nuestras experiencias personales en torno a ser mujer. ¿Qué es lo más difícil al usar nuestra voz o alzarla para contar nuestra historia? Empecemos a hablar #YoSiTeCreo


by @modmomkiersten

I received this message the other day from a dear friend. I didn't know he was in a relationship, let alone in one where he recently recognized the signs of narcissism and abuse. He said he knows there are many men out there in similar situations and he hopes by sharing this, they won't feel as if they're "less than a man" for admitting it. I personally know three men in my immediate circle who have been in abusive relationships with narcissistic women. It's not talked about as much but it's real. 💻: Kierstenparsons.com #narcissisiticabuse #healing #recognizethesigns


by @umokcole


United States

by @mariadelosmuertos

La bandera roja que alcé el sábado, tenía un triángulo negro en la mitad, porque hace parte de la simbología de mi banda, y porque el triángulo negro está profundamente arraigado a los movimientos feministas, desde su uso en los campos de concentración en la segunda guerra mundial. En ese momento se usó para señalar a las mujeres no conformistas, lesbianas, asociales, gitanas, prostitutas, enfermas mentales, anti prohibicionistas y/o judías. Me gustan las mujeres que rompen las reglas. Soy hija de una mujer rebelde, y la bandera es mi forma de saludar su valentía y su lugar en el mundo. Su capacidad disruptiva logró que hoy yo pueda votar, y va a lograr, con el tiempo, que las reglas cambien. Que no hablemos de una “cuota femenina”, cuando la artista es mujer. Que se reduzcan los casos de muerte violenta de mujeres a manos de un tercero, porque ya van 2577 denuncias en Bogotá o más, en lo que va del año. Hablamos de 5740 casos de violencia física (38 agresiones por día) a mayo de este año. 85% de mujeres menores de edad, que han sido víctimas de violencia sexual, según la Secretaría de la mujer. Alcé la bandera con resistencia, saludando a las mujeres que vienen, y que van a cambiar las reglas del juego. De eso estoy segura. #todopoderosa #timesup 🔥🖤🔥🔻


by @thecovenmpls

We built The Coven in response to spaces where women and non binary folks were not believed, our experiences questioned, our value ignored.
At the Coven we believe our members.
We believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
We believe Anita Hill.
We stand alongside the dozens of spaces across the US that are carving out places of belief, value, safety, and support.

Our #WCW is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, whose bravery in the face of deafening opposition is a reminder that speaking the truth is rarely easy, but always righteous.
We stand with you Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

pc: @theriveterco

The Coven

by @sogayjen

We cannot let the public shaming that happened to Anita Hill happen again. Harassment and abuse has always had lifelong effects for victims, but never lifelong consequences for the perpetrators. That has to change. .
I stand with Dr Christine Blasey Ford. Harassers should be terrified, and those who protect them through victim blaming, gaslighting, or trying to silence those who speak out... WE SEE YOU. If your first response to a woman who comes forward with her story is to call her “mixed up,” WE SEE YOU. If you demand she sit on a worldwide platform to relive her trauma and submit to hours of cross examination without her right to an investigation, WE SEE YOU. If you hear that she has been outed unwillingly, forced to go into hiding, and had her life threatened, but care more about the reputation of the man who tried to violate her, WE SEE YOU. And you should be terrified, too.
[image description: illustration of Anita Hill in a blue blazer, with the quote: “If you are a harasser, then you should be terrified.”]
#AnitaHill #DrChristineBlaseyFord #BelieveWomen #BelieveVictims #STOPKavanaugh #scotus #savescotus #MeToo #TimesUP #IStandWithPP #VOTE #NovemberIsComing #feminist #intersectionalfeminism #feminism #feministart #resist #resistanceart #politicalart #artofinstagram #instaart


by @midwifesantafe

It takes some big courage to cope with the backlash of her coming forward.
#Repost @100postcards with @get_repost
268. Can’t stop thinking about her. 💪🏾💪🏻💪🏽 #christineblaseyford 🙋‍♀️ #brettkavanaugh 🧑🏻 #kavanope 🚫#scotus ⚖️ #truthmatters 😤#actionshaveconsequences 🍻 #timesup#metoo 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️


by @nastysigns

Charde Jackson, center, at a McDonald’s in St. Louis yesterday. She and other workers chanted, “Hold your burgers, hold your fries. Keep your hands off my thighs” to protest sexual harassment in the workplace. 📷 via @nytimes #metoo #timesup


by @activistsqueens

bruh society is fucked up. everyone is teaching young girls wrong. so what if she wants to wear masculine clothes? shes being herself. so what is she wants her hair short? shes doing what she likes. girls dont have to get married, have children, or be straight. teach them to be strong and independent, not to be skinny and respectful. pic: @feminist -morgan🌻 #bisexual #bisexuality #valid #womenempowerment #womeninspiringwomen #lgbtqia #lgbt #lgbtq #womensupportingwomen #timesup #metoo #everydaysexism #tothegirls #yesallwomen #feminist #feminism #activism #feminists #activists #activist #equality #genderequality


by @_emma__watsons_

LOVE LOVE 😘😍💘💖👯😭🎉💗💗😻❣️❤️💗💗💖❣️💜💙🙏
@emmawatson @harrypotterfilm
Partnersite :) @emmawatson.blw @forever_emmawatson @emma_hermione_belle_granger @only.ems @butterbeer
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by @emceemovement

Sarah Kaufman quoted in @dancemagazine as dance community responds to @nycballet @alexandra_waterbury #timesup


by @yesimsarahjones

Day 19 of #30dayselflovechallenge
Today’s theme is #gentleness. I’m sharing this today because I need to hear it so badly myself. All my life I’ve gotten the memo, first from the culture outside me & then from my own internalized messaging, that in order to be successful/worthy/loved, i needed to be the opposite of gentle toward myself. I needed to grind harder, push longer, & in the case of my physical body, literally whittle any fluffiness away so I could be all tightness & angles...softness of any kind was the enemy. Even the word ‘gentle’ sounded lazy, like I was cutting myself undeserved slack, & would inevitably fall behind all the other hard-driving, invincible, anti-gentleness warriors. But as usual, I eventually learned that if I had to be that strict, demanding, & deprivation-minded toward myself, i wasn’t actually progressing at all—I was holding myself back from the naturally gentler life my soul craved, but that I didn’t believe I deserved: the more flexible timeline for achieving goals & focusing on what mattered to me; the allowing my creativity to flow instead of requiring it to deliver me cash & prizes like some ego-powered ATM machine; the normal body size; the space to feel my feelings & be on a journey of #selfacceptance instead of relentless #selfimprovement—all of these require gentleness. For me it’s a daily practice of waking up to the very-not-gentle drill sergeant in my head (who, as I’ve heard it said, gets up a half hr before I do), but choosing to meditate first before attacking the endless to-do list. Or choosing to sleep in instead of ‘burning off’ whatever I tell myself I shouldn’t have eaten last night. Or choosing to speak sweetly to myself around a mistake I made instead of attacking myself. Literally hugging the flesh on my arms instead of pinching & measuring it in my mind. The kinder & sweeter & softer my attitude toward myself, the more gentleness I bring to others, & the more we all flourish in ways that are impossible when we’re in up-armored, hard-nosed mode (aka trying to avoid our insecurities instead of gently allowing them to just be.) Have a gentle one! ❤ Art by @annembentley for #TheCall podcast w/ @missewill

Los Angeles, California

by @blondambitchion

#Whakatūwāhine - Women Stand Up: For One Another
Note this: On 19 September 1893, after submitting a petition with nearly 32,000 signatures, New Zealand became the first self-governing country to grant women the vote.
We need to take this right and our rights as equal human beings, citizens and part of the workforce to the next level of mutual support.
Authentic human interaction and professional cooperation instead of mobbing and competitive throat-cutting; tolerance and social inclusion instead of shunning and biasing.
Find empathy and true interest based on friendly relations and understanding rather than fake motives and selfish expectation, in any aspect of our lives, especially amongst women. Together we stand. Be kind- even if you can’t be nice! And be able to distinguish those two.

#womeninfilm #timesup #hollywood #walkoffame #kodaktheatre


by @cascoalition

Day three of Guess That CASC Member!! Y'all did great yesterday, let's see who can guess today's!! #christendomcollege #christendomtoo #christendomalumni #believewomen #mentoo #metoo #timesup #guessthatcascmember #gametime


by @deitydhy

I am doing some "research" ( being exaggerate 😅 ) about Zayn pink suit with white rose pin (my fav) and I found that white rose pin is to support Time's Up.
And guess who else support Time's Up movement and donated $42K ? yes, correct ! Mr. Harry Styles 😊
I proud to stan superior and kind ship.
PS : you can check what is Time's Up Movement by swipe the pict ok ?
Happy Wonderful Wednesday ! 💚💛
Oh ....and I like this Seventeen Headlines , that is so ZARRY 😏😍
#zayn #zaynmalik #pink #pinksuit #whiterose #harry #harrystyles #timesup #treatpeoplewithkindness #grammy #seventeenmagazine #goodlookingmen


by @elliestoeva

My story doesn’t define me.
#СТИГА #MeToo #TimesUp
#1day till #ASHWorkshop


by @sjurich

I have called my senators repeatedly. I have sent faxes to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I have signed petitions. I am trying to do my part. #nokavanaugh #byebrett #cancelkavanaugh #kavanope #kavaHELLnaugh #TimesUp #boyswillbeheldaccountablefortheiractions #believesurvivors #ibelieveher #DrChristineBlaseyFord #SHEdoesnotdeservethis #speaktruthtopower #beontherightsideofhistory