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by @beedujour

Clean, clear & crisp. .
Cafe Dior in Seoul is a cafe is a space of design dreams. Taken on the rooftop, this colour palette is inspirational. Read more about dessert by Dior at www.beedujour.com .
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Dior - Seoul

by @journeysofgirls

☀️👱‍♀️ JOURNEYS OF GIRLS 👱‍♀️☀️
Journey gone on by: @notesfromkarolina
Location: #Gdansk, #Poland •••
Tag a friend who would love to go on this journey with you! •••
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Gdansk, Poland

by @elooalexandre

Você chega em casa,senta na sua poltrona favorita e não tem ninguém,você decide se isso é solidão ou liberdade!🍂✨


by @postcardsaswego

I know it’s September, but I’m still daydreaming of spring and this gorgeous day by the Bay 🌁❤️
Watch: @danielwellington

Golden Gate Bridge

by @inlocamotion

Does anyone here like to dance? I love dancing, and particularly love bachata. Not only do I dance a few times a week while at home, but I also try to incorporate dance into my travels as well. Dance is a great way to meet people, get a workout, and bond over shared interests. Many friendships that I've made both at home and abroad were made through dance!
In my latest blogpost (link in bio!!), I give local insight on where to dance bachata in NYC, a guide for locals and travelers alike. Do you ever dance during your travels? What's your favorite way to meet people while traveling? 😊💃💙

New York, New York

by @julietrclt

What’s behind the hill ? ✨⛰

Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

by @just_chasingsunsets

That first thought that comes after a “crazy” idea - that’s the one to pay attention to.

The thought that says “hell yes I can do that” before self doubt begins to creep in and give you excuses as to why you can’t.

Ignore that and pay attention to the hell yea.

I’ve made it a year without a real job. And while that ride is coming to an end shortly, I’m so glad I paid attention to the “hell yes”

What’s the last thing you said hell yes to and ignored the doubt?

Girona, Spain

by @glee.jewelry

There is always a reason to smile 🌿

Victoria, British Columbia

by @miss.lilli.put

I have been living in Germany for almost 7 years now and I find myself pretty well-integrated into the culture, except for one thing. Dating. When it comes to dating German men, I’m just as clueless as the first day. It’s like I never win with them. I never succeed in understanding them and communicating with them. Navigating through dates with German guys is just confusing as hell for me. So I thought I’d randomly tell my #datingstories here.
There was once this guy I went on two dates with. He was ok but there wasn’t so much spark and exciting conversations going on, and in my head I was going to give it a third chance and if it didn’t get any better, let go. We fix a time and date for the third date and a few hours to the date we text about where to meet and what to do. He invites me over to his place and I politely explain that I would feel more comfortable if we met outside and that I would rather get to know a guy a bit more before I go over to his place
-And on the side note this is mostly a safety measure for myself to make sure I am not putting myself into any potential danger-
So he pretended to be ok with it but when I suggested to do something else he started giving passive aggressive comments. I asked him if he was angry. “No” is the last thing I heard from him.
That third date never happened of course! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I dropped the conversation there and then, and ran for my life.
What are your dating stories #abroad ? 📷 @freemindghost

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Cologne, Germany

by @flywithmaile

When I was little, when someone said hibiscus I thought they were saying “hi biscuits”. That’s it. That’s my whole caption. 🌺

Haleiwa Joe's - Haiku

by @marianapostcards

You can’t go to Aveiro without seeing its famous striped beach houses, called haystacks🐙
These traditional structures were once used by fishermen to store their fishing gear. Now a days they are more commonly used as beach houses. Built right by the Costa Nova beach, their brightly painted striped facades welcome the sea!
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Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

by @oh.pepper

A wise woman once said, ‘Up and Onwards!’ 😏

The Bailey's Hotel London

by @itskimberlydawn

Enjoying that Beyoncé wind 🌊#gonesailing

Kaanapali, Hawaii

by @em_eskej

Mauritius is not just pretty beaches and blue sky and clean ocean water. In terms of nature beauty it has a lot of African vibes in the center when you move away from the coast. And specifically more of this equator African vibe. It's soo green and small rivers and lakes can be found all the way next to the roads on the west coast . And one more thing. It's really really humid. I can't even imagine how it is in wet season because this is supposed to be the dry one 🙈
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by @lindamatama

Don’t you hate it when trying to eat a salad and it accidentally falls in the trash and then you have to eat steak instead.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

by @dear.jocelyn

Casa Milà - architecture in the most natural form. The Casa Milà is Gaudi’s ultimate rejection of straight lines.

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La Pedrera-Casa Milà

by @sarahhsol

First weekend of fall calls for layering, since it’s still 80º in LA all I’ll be layering is my accessories ✨🌾 loving this new piece from @danielwellington to wear with my everyday jewelry
Use code SARAHSOL at checkout for 15% off ☺️
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Los Angeles, California

by @wenttraveling

076 | Windmills: We were a little bummed today when we woke up to lots and lots of wind here in Mykonos. But then we realized we were lucky just to be in this amazing place, regardless of the pesky wind. Your day is what you make it and today was a great one! ⁣

Hope you all are having a great day today as well. 😊

Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece

by @marianitas

Suga, how'd you get so fly?

Amsterdam, Netherlands