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"Perfect is overrated. Perfect is boring." -Tina Fey ps. this is a big tree
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In Australia, it has been estimated that over 500,000 animals are abandoned every year. Due to over population in shelters, many of these animals will end up being euthanised. However, people continue to purchase animals from pet stores and breeders, often without thinking ahead. Many people do not realise the costs and commitment of a pet, which leads to more animals being abandoned in shelters. Help protect these innocent lives by researching before you commit to the responsibilities of a pet, and adopt from a shelter! #adoptdontshop #rescue #rescuedog


channeling Madama Butterfly #LeeBul


Own It. .......
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공연음란죄 저지른 한남 찍어 올린 분은 징역 십개월인데, 같은 날 여친 나체 찍어 올린 새끼는 벌금형 집행유예, 심지어 업무상 위력을 행사해 성폭행 저지른 놈은 무죄란다; 이게 어딜 봐서 공정한 수사고 판결이냐. 외신에서 느그들 성차별주의자라고 기사 내는 거 모르지 않을 텐데ㅋ 존나 낯짝도 두껍다. 안 쪽팔리냐? 아 그리고 이쯤되니까 너네는 물론 대통령 포함 모든 한남들이 혹시 편파수사 뜻을 모르는 거 아닐까 의심이 되는데, 알고 지껄이는 거 맞냐 이 시발롬들아?


Morning! Quick question: would yall like it if I made a separate art account here on insta? Or maybe a Facebook page? Both? I don’t know how to do this HELP


Los Angeles, CA – Last month an intensive study was conducted in Studio City to identify the most pressing issues in Hollywood. Doctor Liam Brocker, the leading scientist on the study found he was not surprised by the results. Winning by a landslide, cellulite was deemed the biggest issue that the entertainment industry faced. "We are going to focus our attention on the most pressing problems first. Once we figure out how to craft the smoothest leg, we can focus attention on rape. We look forward to the challenge." #feminism #feminist #metoo #theonion #satire #hollywood #empowerment #womenincomedy #funnywomen #nichememes #dankmemes #funnygirl #sexualharrassment #standup #comedians #controversial


DAY 15: Disney references Ballad of Mulan.
“Mulan saved an entire country in Drag. Let that sink in.
Some argue that Mulan isn’t a feminist film because of numbers such as “Bring Honor To Us All”, “Make a Man out of You”, and “A Girl Worth Fighting For” reinforcing gender stereotypes. Well dishonor on YOUR cow.
In, “Honor To Us All” Mulan expresses discomfort in a traditional Chinese bridal ceremony, where a woman must be a presentable trophy wife in order to wed a man. This song exposes the ridiculous expectations of women in China during the Han Dynasty. These expectations were a part of Chinese culture, and to not acknowledge history would be dishonest.
In “Make a Man out of You” soldiers harness their masculinity through intense physical training, because to “bring honor” to China as a man, you must serve in the army. Mulan, disguised as her father’s son, took on the pseudonym of “Ping” and through perseverance, was the first soldier to fetch the arrow atop a pillar (the challenge presented to them). Succeeding the challenge as a woman in drag proved that “being a man” has nothing to do with strength, and that success is accomplished through hard work, not by the definitions of one’s gender.
The plot of this story concludes with Mulan saving all of China under a disguise, which ultimately proved that through her gender performance, she was able to work through a flawed society in order to save it. Songs about what men expected out of women humorously clashed with Mulan’s POV, so it’s her story we should be following.
To not include the narrative of a gender binary would be dishonest to the culture and provide no standards for Mulan to challenge. Her story is deeper than a girl who saved China. She is a heroine who crossed lines to achieve purpose during a time where male impersonation was punishable by death. She brought honor to us all.” - will hamm
Remix by: will hamm & madababi
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Chicas = jóvenes, pequeñas... ➡️ en Argentina no se consiguió el aborto legal...realmente es una lástima. Aunque nuestras hermanas argentinas y de todo el mundo van a seguir luchando 💚 ~srta.Stylison

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The future is female, ladies! Who is your favorite female advocate? I'm a huge fan of @gabbybernstein! If you haven't read her books, you need to. | 🚺✨
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the future is female

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#Masolino a feminist "Madonna of Humility"


Repost By intersectionalasian: who the hell are all these people though?? i swear there’s a new one every time one of them dies? just listen to grime music and your life is sorted. i prome it wont disappoint- i can recommend you amazing artists from london n they’re 1000x better- singing live is a struggle for them though lmao (@ ramz ) ———————————————————————#fucktrump #fuckracism #terrorismhasnoreligion #colourism #muslimappreciation #freethenipple #activist #feminist #blackexcellence #lgbt #humanrights #loveislove #revolutionary #blacklivesmatter #bodyshaming #everybodyisbeatiful #bodypositivity #explorepage #grime #grmdaily #6ix9ine #paedophile #abuse


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Y E S. Shirt by @shop.kiddbell. Love this post and beautiful image via @theequalityinstitute💓💓💓 L-O-V-E 💓💓💓
“Men and women can be anything and anyone they wish to be - so long as they do no harm. Embrace all the different parts of yourself and express them honestly and with gusto!
[Image description: A photograph of a stylish black man dancing, wearing a tee shirt which reads: "Let boys be feminine".]”
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El machismo extremo nos dan dado los siguientes resultados entre enero a junio del presente año, el MIMP informó 70 feminicidios y 163 tentativas en todo el país. Los casos de agresiones hacia las mujeres registran 52.120 en la primera mitad del 2018.

La democracia no podría existir sin el FEMINISMO, qué es la lucha por la igualdad. El objetivo de esta marcha es levantar la voz de protesta para salvaguardar a nuestras ciudadanas, quienes están expuestas a esta enfermedad social que cobra víctimas inocentes como Eyvi Agreda.
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어째서 사람들은 단어 하나하나에도 남녀에 차이를 두고 구분 짓는 것 일까. 술집여자가 있다함은 술집남자 라고 칭하는게 맞는 것 이고, 여자중학교 가 있다함은 남자중학교 라고 칭하는게 맞는 것 이 아닐까. 내가 언급한 이 외의 남녀를 구분짓는 단어는 많을 것이다. 구분짓는 이런 사소한 것 또한 바꿔나가야 맞지않을까? 아 물론 이것도 내 생각이다.

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you can’t save everyone
you can’t protect those who love you


- 지금까지 불법촬영물을 수십•수백번 촬영 및 유포하는 성범죄 남가해자들은 구속영장이 기각되고 집행유예를 받았습니다. 그에 반해, 홍대누드남 가해자는 성범죄 남성 가해자들의 처벌수위에 비해 10개월이라는 강도 높은 처벌이 나왔습니다. 이는 가해자가 여성이라는 이유만으로 형량을 높게 주는 명백한 성별에 따른 편파판결입니다.

이에 홍대누드남 몰카사건 편파판결을 항의하는 청원이 올라왔습니다. 청원 프로필 링크에 있으니 동의 부탁드립니다.


여름 날, 우리들.


💎 Be an encourager, the world has enough critics 💕 @ambedophotography 💕
As long as your not hurting anyone, your happy & healthy that's all that matters 💕 All too often people are made to feel bad about themselves just bcoz they are doing their own thaaang 😏 It's taken years for me to get confidence about myself & love my life again & no one has any right to try & ruin that for me or anyone else ❤️ #liveandletlive
I hope everyone has a fantabulous Monday 😘😘
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I'm totally excited about talking to the two people I love the most tonight. Especially, talking to my sister will be so amazing! I hope, you all have a great day and night too! You are all wonderful people and you should feel loved! 💚💙
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Tantas flores serían necesarias
para secar los húmedos pantanos
donde el agua de nuestros ojos se hace lodo;

arenas movedizas tragándonos y escupiéndonos,
de las que tenaces, una a una, tendremos que surgir.

Amanece con pelo largo el día curvo
de las mujeres.

Queremos flores hoy.
Cuánto nos corresponde.

El Jardín del que nos expulsaron - Gioconda Belli 💚

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I think it’s really sad when people, usually minorities, die in a tragic and violent situation, like police brutality, and the public’s response is to create a hashtag for them. To remember them via a hashtag. To reduce them to a hashtag. I understand why people may want to circulate such hashtags, as a way of raising awareness, however the hashtag should become before the trauma. Using a hashtag after someone’s passing, does not prevent the occurrence of the situation, instead it stands as a trend; a measure of how ‘woke’ people are. I don’t want to take away from the tragedy and I recognise that such hashtags may serve to prevent the reoccurrence of such sadness in the future, however, it shouldn’t take the death of an innocent to highlight that more needs to be done. We need to recognise these instances of violence, exploit, police brutality and sexual assault, as or before they occur, not once it’s too late.


"Just like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic, I'll be flying free
I'mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
No one can be just like me any way
Just like fire, uh"
Pink ~ Just Like Fire 🔥💞
‼️Unbezahlte Werbung‼️
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We choose to be ignorant. We choose to indulge in ignorance. Sadly, this really is true. We’re ignorant to things which do not concern us, things which do not directly affect us. We’re ignorant to things which make us uncomfortable, things which have us wringing our hands and nervously shifting foot to foot, as someone else shares their own troubling experience. Franz Fanon wrote in his essay ‘Black Skin, White Masks’, a message that his philosophy teacher had taught him: ‘When you hear someone insulting the Jews pay attention; he is talking about you.’ Through this his teacher was trying to emphasise the flippant grouping of minorities. Although your minority group was not insulted, don’t think that this doesn’t concern you. Don’t think that they are not grouping you in this category. If you are not part of the majority, you are the minority. We choose to be ignorant, perhaps sometimes because it’s easier than addressing a raw situation. Perhaps you’d rather save your breath or choose your battles. Picking my battles is something my mum has always told me to do, wisely. Something which has taken me a long time to understand and something which I am still in the process of wholly grasping. You don’t have to speak on everything and sometimes it is wiser to remain silent; but if you’re in a position to help and you choose to be ignorant, if you choose to turn your head and cross the road, then that is your choice. But, do not expect others to stand in solidarity for you. Do not expect them to fight for you.


Where are all the drama kings? The word ‘drama’ is often followed by ‘queen’, often linked with ‘women’, ‘femininity’. Women are frequently branded hormonal and thus, when we speak on a issue that enrages us, or tugs on a few fragile heart strings, we are termed ‘drama queens’, or even more irritatingly, asked if it’s ‘that time on the month’. Why, when a female raises her voice and gives her opinion, is it dismissed as simply a product of her biological makeup? Why do we instantly assume that her words are simply an act of overreacting? Why can’t they purely be a reaction? I don’t like the use of the word ‘drama’ here, as it suggests that you are ‘acting’ in a situation, rather than speaking the truth. It allows for the flippant overlooking of ones issues. In my own experience, when I’ve been passionate about something and actually had the courage to contribute my thoughts, I’ve been told that the situation isn’t that deep and that I’m being irrational. Why is it that when men act with outrage, anger and hysteria, when they shout their opinions, that they are not termed drama kings? They are not silenced or dismissed in the same way that us women are. If drama queens exist, then surely, so do drama kings.


The female breast exists primarily to provide a source of food for the life the female body brings. To keep her child alive through initially with her warm and sweet milk. Babies are exposed to their mother’s teat to survive. Thus, the later sexualisation of the breast, has bred from society. No one is born with the view that the female breast is sexualised. No one is born with the view that the female breast is offensive. The sexualisation of the female body is something which society has craftily created. Society chooses when her body shall be insulting and because of this, allows her body to be objectified. Ladies, our breasts are not offensive, they are sources of nature. Our bodies are not indecent, they are beautiful.


This something which I tend to reiterate a lot in my blog posts, because I think that there is a lot of issues that the black community need to work together to combat. Recently, I read a very controversial John Barnes article and it really got me thinking. He said, “We hear a lot of ‘black players should’, or ‘black people should.’ Are we all sheep who should act a particular way because we are all the same and aren’t individual people? Would we ever say ‘white people should’? No, because we individualise white culture. French, Spanish, German, English are accepted as being so different from each other. But we are just ‘black people’. African society and culture varies much more than European society but it’s just considered ‘Africa’ as if they are all the same.” This really struck me. Black culture should be individualised, we aren’t all the same and not everything I write about applies to the whole of the black community. But I think the point that Barnes failed to recognise, is that the black community, all of the black community, unlike white culture, currently exists in a stunted position. The black community, both African and West-Indian, is behind and I think that it therefore becomes difficult to expect the community to individualise, when we already have such internal conflict. We can’t be individualised, until we are recognised as a whole. We need to work together to progress and to exceed boundaries, before working in an individual manner. We need to understand and respect our culture, before expecting others to. Change is not brought by everybody’s unaligned and sole workings, we need to get on the same page and we need to do better.


Let’s break the mould girls. We are strong, capable and worthy💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿


Far too often, we believe the newspaper headlines around migrant ‘crises’. Looking at migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as the problem, establishes a problem. They are calling on us for help. Turning to huge westernised mothering economies for shelter, stability and understanding. And far too often, we turn our backs. We lack compassion and sympathy. Politicians, presidents and the media, convince us that their cohabitation in our society, is detrimental. That their existence is damaging. No one should have to justify their right to existence. No human life is illegal. Warsan Shire wrote an extremely touching poem, entitled ‘Home’. I want to single out and reiterate a few crucial lines (note: Shite doesn’t use any capitalisation throughout the poem - her words are quite literally stripped back to their minimal state):
‘no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark’
‘you have to understand, that no one puts their children in a boat unless the and water is safer than the land’
Nobody chooses to seek asylum or to be a refugee and so, we need to stop acting as those these titles are choices, occupations and ways of life. When your country is crumbling around you, then asylum is likely to be your only option. Each and every person is entitled to this option and we shouldn’t shun people because of circumstances (purely by luck) are better than theirs. We should allow them to contribute to society, allow them to integrate and allow them the right to live. Link in bio. (wow - 3rd time uploading, hopefully no more mistakes, soz guys xo)


Celebrities are people. Fully fleshed, living and breathing human beings. We need to stop idolising them, placing them on a pedestal and worshipping them. Their fame and power shouldn’t allow us to overlook their damaging and derogatory behaviour. Abuse is abuse. The impacts of the act don’t change depending on the perpetrators, so neither should the consequences. Celebrities shouldn’t be protected from the wrath of the law and neither should their careers or reputation. Why do we so easily forget the past of the famous, when they release new music or feature in new films? Their power should not grant them protection. They shouldn’t be insulated from any repercussions. Celebrity culture should not evoke silence. Link in bio.


Late last year, CNN footage exposed that migrant slave markets were being hosted in Libya. Black lives were being sold as a commodity, auctioned on the market. Why in society do we accept all life, but black life, as invaluable? Why are migrants ultimately seen as a fraction of a human being? These people were stolen, stripped of their rights; used, abused and sold. Life is not dispensable and human beings are not merchandise. People argue that slavery is a thing of the past. That speaking about it, raises issues which as a society, we have moved on from. Slavery was, by record, abolished in the 1800s, but this has not prevented it’s occurrence in later years. This has not halted the exploitation of black lives. This happened in 2017. We have not progressed. Link to this poem is in my bio.


The phrase ‘treat them mean to keep them keen’ is thrown around too much in our society. It’s become a way of justifying degrading and damaging behaviours, and overlooking the subtle emergence of abuse. We shouldn’t allow boys to get away with any damage towards women, simply because the societal engrained myth encourages us to believe that this is a symbol of affection. Boys are not only mean to the girls they like. They’re mean to the girls they wish to control, dominate and mistreat. This shouldn’t be normalised or accepted. Us girls need to open our eyes and learn to differentiate between what may be a show of affection, i.e a harmless but cheeky joke, and what remains to be abusive. Sorry boys, but treating us mean, will most definitely not keep us keen. Link in my bio


I wrote this around Christmas time, after the terrible weather we were facing during winter. Day after day, I saw countless posts about finding shelter and food banks for homeless people and so, I thought my article was relevant. Now these posts have disappeared, the hashtags have stopped and our focus has shifted, and so I’d say this article is more relevant than before. The weather changed, but the situation didn’t. There are still masses of homeless people on the streets, but now the weather is warming up and other hashtags are trending, I’ve not seen anybody post about sheltering the homeless and this is exactly my point. Helping people shouldn’t be a trend. It shouldn’t be something you do, simply because you see others doing. Live authentically and help people because they demand your help, not because you saw a post about it in your news feed. #anythingbuthomeless
Link to this article is in my bio.


I am a feminist. This doesn’t mean that I hate men or that I want to see men do badly, whilst women progress. In fact, I stand for men, but equally I stand for women. I stand for equality. I’ve noticed that men are often criticised for outwardly displaying their emotions, whilst women are not. Ideally, I want all boys, from a young age, to be aware that it’s okay to be upset and more importantly, to ask for help and support when upset. I want to reach a stage of cultural understanding, where we recognise that one isn’t defined or limited by a projection of emotions. Holding everything inside is detrimental; crying is good for the soul and a source of healing. You can’t live in harmonious alignment through the restriction of emotions, whether that be depression or elation. Tears show pain, not weakness. Stop using the phrase ‘big boys don’t cry’ and teach your sons that it is okay to cry. Link to this article is in my bio.


Racism is real, alive and growing. Ignoring the problem, does not remove the root of the cause, it only strengthens the issue. Racism is institutional and white privilege manifests from this. I’m not blaming, targeting or attacking anyone for their privilege - it is not a choice, but how you use this power and privilege is. Use the power you have to speak out on issues and try to dismantle the system. Yes, issues like this are still occurring, but they should not be frequenting. Equally, the black community need to work together in unity to combat such issues, to rise above. Taking a back seat, will only coerce a move towards the past. Like Rosa Parks, march to the front and be heard. Stop waiting for others to change and implement this change. As Ghandi said, you must ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’. Link to this article is in my bio.


So this is what it’s all about. I started informally writing from a young age. I used to go to poetry slams and workshops, and competed at a few spoken word events. Writing, for me, acts as a form of escapism from the mundane and the insane. I hope that through this platform, I’m able to confront and hopefully even begin the process of combatting the long list of society’s issues. Society is a construct, a lie; and so, we must work together to deconstruct the unrealistic expectations and negative stigma, bound to certain groups trapped within the system. ‘Ethereal Truth’ link in bio (the above is my blog ‘about’ page)


Ethereal Truth. It took me ages to decide on a name for my platform, my blog and my brand. I wanted a name which was unique, but also honest. A name which encapsulates exactly what I’m expressing. ‘Ethereal’: ‘delicate...in a way which seems not of this world’. The topics which I am exploring, are very delicate and hard-hitting. Often we try to pretend that such fragile subjects, are not of ‘this world’. The word ‘Ethereal’ includes the phrase ‘the real’, which is what I want to serve: real, harsh truths. ‘Truth’: ‘the quality or state of being true’. In one of @rupikaur_ ‘s poems, she wrote ‘never trade honesty for relatability’. I don’t write for agreement, acceptance or entertainment. I write to uncover the truth.


I am a writer. I am an artist. I am a poet. Words are my dearest form of expression. One of my main aspirations in life is quite simply, to write. To write on my own experiences, the experiences of others and my surroundings. I created a blog page (etherealtruth.com) with the hope of exposing the unsaid and the uncomfortable. I hope to open people’s eyes to society’s pragmatics. I hope to inspire.

Enjoy all that’s to come.