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by @patpa440

Anguish dances with consolation
Hope survives another day
“You have turned for me,
My mourning into dancing,
And dressed me up with gladness.
I will weep no more!”
Sadness has a way of dissipating when a little puff of thanks blows through these mountain trees.
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Grand Teton National Park

by @tonyinspires

Chasing sunsets? Not this time. Woke up super early to catch this amazing sunrise with the flares. My @gopro #hero5 in linear mode was my weapon of choice to snap this one. #goprofamily

Planet Earth

by @roaditup

We went to an Amish market today to buy beautiful produce and delicious raw honey. It is so interesting to learn more about the plain communities through my friend who works with them at the Medical clinic. I honestly couldn’t guess the age of the woman who operated the old cash register (without electricity, of course!), but my friend could tell me a lot about the community to which she belonged just by the way she was dressed (the pleats on the dress, the type of bonnet, shoes, etc.), her accent and the fact that she made direct eye contact with us. I’m currently listening to Educated on audiobook, a memoir from a girl my age who was raised in a Mormon survivalist family, and find it so fascinating to understand better how it is to be raised in a very religious home and all that it entails. The more knowledge we have, the less we tend to judge the difference we see in others. That is at the heart of our homeschooling.


by @leclercma

This world is a playground waiting to be explored. 👣🌲
Huge thank you to @awakethesoul for the shirt , he fit very well on me i love it!👌#gooutside #itsbetterthanplayingfortnite #explore #discover #playoutside #greattimes


by @aiinneyy

Come and make my heart move

Springfield, Missouri

by @wanessa_mayonesa

I left my heart in Havana (wa-na-na)

La Habana Vieja

by @cloverkendall

“The only way a woman can heal this imbalance within herself is to bring the light of consciousness into the darkness. She must be willing to face and name her shadow tyrant and let it go.” “The challenge of the heroine is not one of conquest but acceptance, of accepting her nameless, unloved parts that have become tyrannical because she has left them unchecked. We can’t go through life blindly. We have to examine all of the conflicting parts of ourselves. Each one of us has dragons lurking in the shadows.” “The challenge according to Edward Whitmont, requires ‘the strength to sustain awareness and the suffering of conflict and to be able to surrender oneself to it.’ It is the job of the heroine to enlighten the world by loving it-starting with herself.” @mysticmamma 🌍❤️🙏


by @r0bica87

The only winter selfie


by @chillnshoot

The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys!