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it's only 1 sorry😘🌈
temperature -25
red 23
blue 25
it's simple🍒


c1/chromatic effect🐸🍃
cr: @creedkida /me,app: vsco
read below for the effect🍪🍒
exposure -1.1
contrast +3.2
tone/shadows +1.6
tone/highlights +12.0
white balance/temperature -2.1
white balance/tint +3.1
saturation -3.1
fade +1.4
grain +3.7
vignette +12.0
(english version)🍯🌬


sweeter than honey! 🍯💝


another day another doodle edit 🌈☁️
hey fams!!💛
i mαnαged to mακe α doodle edit🌈 i’m super sorry for being so super inactive, i was so busy with school and assignments 😭 i’m actually currently sick while doing this edit😓 they look so good in the photo!! 😍🔥 αnywαys, hανe α great dαy αheαd!
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hey i’m not dead lol


's typing...

Eh finally I posted 🤗 enjoy this new flop 😔

[🗒]qotd: - When do you get Christmas holidays? Me : on 23 December ❤️

[🏹]aotd: - WHY I WAS INACTIVE AND I DIDNT POST? Here are some reasons :
•Our teachers give us tons of homeworks
•School projects
•Dancing course •Math course •Exams •Preparing some new songs and dances for 28-29 November,for the concert in our school
Busy 24/7 😢

Time : 21:03 ⏰
Date : 14/11/2018 📆

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i've been so bad at posting oops lol


this is kinda a flop not gonna lie, i could've waited and thought of a better idea but fuck it lmao i want to post today. so yeah this aint nothing special just that the flowers are kinda pretty if im being honest. yeah my mind is flopping clearly, i hope you like this ♡♡


is typing ... ♡
::dαte; [[november 13]] 🥀
:: time [[time:: 4:57pm]] 🌬
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❝heyy people ☁️ how αre yαll doin?🍯 i just cαme bαck home, i meαn finαlly lol🌞i αlso hαve α test tomorrow life's greαt isn't it!1!1❞
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1. look at her eyes
2. do you see anything¿
3. i see,i see the magic😻
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rate your makeup skills from 1 to 10 ☁️


a look 😍
-Zendaya at "The Greatest Showman" Australian Premiere December 20,2017


made it to the top👑
ti hala je tu pa🐸


kujt po i han bitch kujt??????👐
------- 🍒🍪
👑 #encatics @enca 👑
cr: @encasworld ma bestiee😻💅


I KINDA LOVE THIS SKSKS. I don't know what or how but i pull towards the moon, universe and planets a lot lmao, i guess cuz they are just so beautiful and literally unknown, unexplored. so yeah i missed editing and i really love editig its just that it requires time, an idea and inspiration which is lacking quite frequently out here haha. well anyway i hope u enjoy this ♡♡ ily


ti voglio bene idolo😇💌🍯


boss girl👅
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Ruensa Haxhiaj known as Enca Haxhia or simply as Enca is an Albanian singer and songwriter. She rose to fame after releasing "A po t'pëlqen" in 2014, gathering over 100,000 views on YouTube within 24 hours. Haxhia made her music debut in 2012 with "The Best Of" and "Kjo Verë". Born: October 19, 1995 (age 23 years), Tirana

Albums: Kjo Verë, Self Made - The Singles Collection, Jepe Tash, The Best Of.