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"Grand Leader: Circa 1929 & 2017"

We have a view of the year-old Grand Leader department store at the southeast corner of Wayne and Calhoun Streets. Designed by A.M. Strauss in the Art Deco style, it is somewhat reminiscent of another of his buildings, the Lincoln Bank Tower. The store continued under the name Stillman's in the 1950s until finally closing in 1974. Today the site is the Indiana-Michigan Power Company's plaza.
This rephotograph and several others were commissioned by the Downtown Improvement District. They are currently on display at NOLA on 13. (B/W image courtesy of ARCH, Inc.)


Today we're remembering the life of highwayman Claude Duval, executed at Tyburn on this day in 1670. Born in Normandy in 1643, Duval made his name in England, where he became known for his gentlemanly behavior -- even and *especially* when he was robbing coaches. His good looks and considerable charm made him particularly popular with ladies; when he was eventually caught, several visited him in prison and tried to plead his case. When he was taken down and buried under the center aisle of the church of St. Paul's in Covent Garden, his epitaph read: “Here lies Du Vall, reader, if male thou art,
Look to thy purse; if female, to thy heart.
Much havoc hath he made of both; for all
Men he made stand, and women he made fall.
The second conqueror of the Norman race,
Knights to his arms did yield, and ladies to his face.
Old Tyburn’s glory, England’s bravest thief,
Du Vall the ladies’ joy! Du Vall the ladies’ grief.” Read all about Duval in this post from the archives: https://dirtysexyhistory.com/2016/08/21/the-life-and-death-of-claude-duval/


Stretcher bearers evacuating casualties from "A" Company Headquarters, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (P.P.C.L.I.) north of Ortona, Italy, 20 January 1944 - Capt. Laurie A. Audrain / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-130862

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This was how Halloween looked like in the (1900) way more scary then today so creepy


Anyone wanna do this job today youd even get a great title lol


I found this pic with this caption Adolf Hitler spotted cheering on the start of WW1 in (1914) but it may be fake cuzz Hitler didnt have the weird mustache until after he was in the war fighting in ww1 he had full grown one before the war he trim it like that and kept it like that cuzz he almost died cuzz he couldn't get his gas mask on cuzz of his long beard so who knows could be him you decide what do you think


Young german communist being executed in (1919) this guy has his arms crossed like hurry up I don't got all day I'm ready this guy is fearless


The USS Galena in (1862) showing battle damage these old ships always look so amazing


Japanese Special Naval landing Forces during the battle of Shanghai (1937) the Japanese during ww2 massacre so many Chinese thought they were inferior garbage even glad the Japanese people changed into the amazing people they are today


A Frenchman crys over the lost of his beloved France to the nazi during there occupation in (1940) poor man


What dalits should do is to chart a path that their god Shiva had conceived in the first place, instead of just becoming rebels for the sake of becoming rebels. At one level there is an immense possibility of liberation from traditional caste hierarchy, and at a deeper level there is a self-purification process occurring through inner discipline and meditation of self. Dalits should not take recourse to the negative or reactive use of the saivic principle but appropriate the affirmative and transformative thrust of the saivic event. Becoming Shiva of the dalit would mean a politics of becoming and metamorphosis instead of an identitarian politics of negation and reaction.

It is not that the inequality only existed in India. It is such that India have a philosophy that justifies inequality. All the political leaders of India during the 20th Century was quick to speak out against the apartheid in South Africa and the discrimination against the blacks in US and elsewhere but they were quick to forget that an Africa exists inside India. It is still likewise. The thing about the caste system in India is that it doesn't go away with increase in intellect or with wealth. K R Narayan who was the former President of India was one of the great diplomats of his time. Yet when he became the First Citizen of the nation people in his homestate still ridiculed him by calling his caste name. This is the same with the status of wealth. You can be the richest man in the world but if you are a dalit or an adivasi the brahmins will cleanse their temples with their 'holy water'. The fact is a brahmin, even if he is dirt poor or absolutely illiterate he still holds power over the people. A power much higher than the Supreme Court of India, the apex judicial body of the world's so called largest democracy. Think I am joking around, take a look at the Sabrimala Judgement and the aftermath that took place in India's self proclaimed liberal state of Kerala.

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Caste is used to put people in place and it has immense impact on the lives of people. The popular notion that the caste came on its own is wrong as there was conscious attempt over thousands of years to divide people in order to retain social and economic dominance. If one looks from above, one will understand that caste originates from a personal madness which at times transforms into a social madness, a paranoia produced by the forces of Power. The caste equation is a necessary evil for all political parties in India so that they can prosper at the cost of this hatred for each other which will translate into votes.

All the so called Dalits are not Dalits, i.e. all people who have SC/ST reservation are not Dalits. SC/ST people can be divided into two categories Dalit SC/ST and Non-Dalit SC/ST, but politically all people who have SC/ST reservation are considered Dalits, however socially all people with SC/ST reservation are not Dalits. Originally untouchables were termed as Harijan and Dalits. But with time the term Dalit expanded its fold and started covering many non-Dalit castes as well. There are two types of Dalits, the untouchable Dalits and the non-untouchable dalits.

Why did Dalits become untouchables or outcasts? The Answer is eating of cows!

आरे गोहा नर्हा वधो वो अस्तु सुम्नेभिरस्मे वसवो नमध्वम | Rigveda - 7.56.17

One must not Kill the cows, cow is the most scared animal and for prosperity it should be protected, cared and tend to.

The reason why Dalits became outcasts is only because of slaughter of cows and eating cows. Before the Mughal Invasion of India, except for the Dalits there was no one in India who who killed or ate cows. Dalits were the people who must have migrated from somewhere entered India and would have started slaughtering the cows and eating cows.

Cows have many synonyms Go, Gau, Ahi, Aghnya, Aditi.
Ahi - means the one that ought not be slaughtered.
Aghnya - means the one that ought not be killed.
Aditi - means the one that ought not to be cut in pieces.

The cow - The Ahi Cows, the Aghnya Cows, The Aditi Cows brings health and prosperity.

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Oh the irony. When the world tells you that you’re mediocre... use that as a building block to become amazing. #thankyouMLK #drmartinlutherkingjr #mlkweekend #peopleg2 #inspire #historyrocks #learnfromourmistakes #backgroundchecks #companyculture #chrispdyer


#yesitis such an elegant historical village 🏚️🖤 #unescoworldheritage #worththetrip view from the #observationdeck of #白川郷 #historicalvillage


17 year old assassin useing a traditional Japanese blade to kill socialist politician Asanuma in Tokyo, (1960) this poor man didnt stand a chance it looks like in pic cuzz those papers are in air the assassin used the papers in air to cover the blade till he was close


A German soldier during ww2 shareing some of his food with a local Russian mother not all german were evil like the nazi's some even helped people


This strange vehicle called the Hafner Rotabuggy was a hybrid of a Jeep and rotor kite. Introduced in (1943)it was intended to be used off road after safely being dropped from a aircraft eight feet above ground um some people had crazy ideas


The germans had there own version of decoy tanks like the ghost army in england known as the Panzerattrape though they were not as convincing no kidding it's made of wood lol


These British soldiers were terribly burned on D-Day but tried to enjoy a smoke nonetheless the guy are heros thanks god for them