Photo by @shonephoto // The last three weeks I have been accompanying a climate research expedition in the Arctic. The aim was to visit the Wegener Halvø peninsula of East Greenland where we had received a tip off that there were caves to be found. Our aim was to expand the vision of the Greenland Caves Project (@greenland_caves), to find these caves, explore them and collect samples for palaeoclimate research. As part of the project
we wished to try and reduce our environmental and climate impact; we teamed up with the Top to Top Global Climate expedition and sailed from Iceland to Greenland and back. It was an amazing experience with breathtaking views the whole time (not that I was always able to appreciate them when being sick off the back of the boat). Here is one image from this amazing emotional and physical journey of a giant iceberg in the mouth of Scoresby Sound. I’ll be sharing more images over the next weeks.


Catania - Italy ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@robertoviglianisi✨✨
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Hidden Oasis | Photograph by Leighton Lum (@photography_by_leighton)
“After poking around the coast line, I stumbled upon this hidden cave,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Leighton Lum. “It was quite amazing hanging out all afternoon with these living dinosaurs.”

“What an incredible surprise to come across these creatures enjoying the sunset in their cave! I love the rich textures and colors in this scene. Great job using the cave opening as a frame within the frame and creating layers. Nicely done!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


Video by @lacorgi
Hello, world! Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Geordi (@lacorgi), a 5-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi with a special talent for agility training. “Geordi comes from a long line of champion show dogs, and he was initially training to be a show dog as well,” says Geordi’s human. “When we stopped pursuing that direction, we tried some agility classes for fun. Geordi showed so much natural talent and drive for agility that we started taking it more seriously.”
When he’s not competing, Geordi loves to show off his fluffiest assets. “Everyone wants to squeeze his butt all the time. Can you blame them?” says Geordi’s human. “Geordi works hard to maintain his hourglass figure, but he is lucky to have been blessed with such a perfect amount of round.” 🍑
Watch Geordi practice some of his agility exercises on our IGTV channel. To watch IGTV, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.


The Blue Angels floating over Seattle ✈️

Did you know it’s world photography day today? Who’s the most underrated photographer you know 🤔 I want to check them out and will feature my favs on story tomorrow 📷 👀


Photo by @chrisburkard. Photography has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. I had no idea when I quit my job & school at 19 that it would lead me to experience what it has. It has allowed me to express some of my deepest emotions, witness true suffering & heartache while also documenting distant far off lands (like remote Alaska above) & incredible human achievement. Today is World Photography Day & I hope you feel inspired to get out and create something whether it’s with a camera phone, DLSR, or a borrowed 35mm film camera (that was my first)


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“Winston the goldendoodle” writes @dood.named.winston



Photo and caption by 謝家寶⠀

2016 國家地理全球攝影大賽⠀

組別 / 地方組⠀
名次 / 佳作⠀

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