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Meowza, dear furrriends... We have arrived at Summercamp for @rosie_milo 3rd Birthday #RosieAndMilo3rdBdaySummercamp 🏕️
And, as night is falling, our VP #LordWestenwind sits quietly outside and looks at the heavenly skies and wishes... wishes upon all the stars shining brightly out there...🌌✨
That those who recently crossed #AcrossTheBridge arrived safely amd were welcomed by all those who went before them... May you all Shine On furever more, knowing you will be remembered #NeverFurgotten ... Thinking of dear Mittens @life_ofmittens 🌈 Jerome @menageriedechats 🌈 Max @tijger_haarlem 🌈 Boba @apollo_and_boba 🌈 Zelda @ozzy_princeofbarkless 🌈 Alfie @slimkitty_007 🌈 and also a brave little fella called Woodstock @tinykittenshq that stole our hearts during his very short life... 🌈 ... and that gorgeous ginger giant that was the remarkable Mr.Cat @mr.cat_and_leo.the.brave 🌈😿😿😿😿
That those who are ill, sick or injured may heal and, if for some reason not pawsible, their suffering may become less so they still can enjoy life ♥️ Thinking of sweet Reggie @blackie_reggie ♥️ Rogie @the_bunny_and_sorin_family ♥️ Treppie @dazzleandherminions ♥️ Gus @poncho_grande_ ♥️ Mr Moo @mytuxedokitties and there are so many more, so this goes to all you pets out there who need it!
That those who are lost may come home again and, if not, then please let them be safe, loved, well fed and in good health... Thinking of dear Cindy @cindy_andbunch 😿 Rain @rainyrainthecat 😿 and all those pets who are missing...
That those who are feral and/or stray, are cared for and safe from harm and abuse, their bellies full and that they know shelter ♥️
That those who need suppawt in times of sorrow, find it and may we, Cats* & Hoomans of #COI always be there for one another, whatever may be, pawsies..
Yes, it is a bittersweet place to be, but we wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the whole universe! ♥️
All our Love, #RotterdamCats & #RotterdamCatCrew
*or whatever species you are ♥️
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Get Involved!! ❤️🐶🐾 #animalsheltervolunteer #lendahelpingpaw #BCACSWMI


I’m exploring new angles for my selfies. What do you think of the toe hold? #doineedtoask #allmysidesaremygoodside #messinthebackground #blamethehumans ______________________________________________Furriends, please post your own selfie and use #nhvnaturalselfie so @nhvnaturalpet can get 15000 selfies by 7/31 and donate $5000 of supplements to pets in need. Thanks for letting me know, Katsu @sandycat50! 🌱 📸 _______________________________________________ It’s going to be a lucky (and rowdy!) weekend celebrating to special 14-year-old gentlecats, Lord Westenwind @rotterdamcats #lordwestenwind14yearsyoung and Ollie @olliebolliebutters #holycrapim14pawty Belt out some tunes, #lendahelpingpaw to furriends in need, and hold on to your hot pants! 🎂 Happy 4th birthday, Nelli @purrfighters #nellis4thbday 😻 Happy birthday, Ivar @ivartheincredible_blindcat 😽 Lily and Cinnamon @brenclee1 and Kiwi and Moomi @kiwi_thecalicocat #pawtywithkiwiandmoomi always put the yay in Friyay! 😸 ______________________________________________ #pawtyanimal #cat #cutecat #funnycat #whitecat #chat #gato #kedi #neko #貓#kucing #angeltechcat #catsofinstagram #adoptedismyfavoritebreed #buzzfeedcats


Meowza, dear furrriends! Thank mew all SO much for all the birthday wishes for our VP #LordWestenwind who is celebrating his 14th Birthday today! 😻😻❤️💝🎂🎊🎉 #LordWestenwind14YearsYoung .
We #RotterdamCats & #RotterdamCatCrew will be celebrating with an all weekender of #RotterdamCatsKaraoke dedicated to #Pawsitivity and spread #PawsitiveVibe amongst our beautiful #COI #coicommunity ♥️
Our #LordOfKaraoke will take your requests and sing from the bottom of his chubby, uhm, manly #CatBod #VeryManlyNeuteredMale 😻
Come as you are or dress up or whatever, pawsies (edits not required!) and join us for a whole weekend of love & furrriendship, pawsies! 💝
This weekend, we will be paying special attention to those who need some extra suppawt in our Stories - sometimes, it takes a small act of kindness, to help carry a heavy load or lift it 🐾🐾
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🎶Go, go, go Buggy!
It’s your birthday!
We’re gonna pawty like it’s your birthday!
We’re gonna wave our willys like it’s your birthday!
Cause you know we love that it’s your motherfecking birthday!

You can find us in the tub!
Pocket full of nip!
Look Kitty we got the nip if you’re into taking drugs!
We’re into waving willys, we’re not into making biscuits!
So come give us a hug if you need some ginger love!🎶 Happy Birthday Buggy!!!!
#buttonthediabeticcat 🧡

It’s going to be a wild and crazy weekend full of willy waving, pawty tubs, nip, and spicy ginger sausage muffins!!! Happy Birthday to my bestie Buggy, the International WillyWaving SuperStar SausageKing Of Ireland!!! I love you so much buddy!!! Let’s wave our willys for the world to see! Our gift to the world for your birthday!!! I hope you have the happiest of Happy Birthdays and the most amazing year ever!!! 🧡

Happy FriYay Pawty Cats!!! I hope you’ll join me for a super fun weekend of pawties!!! 🧡

Let’s start with sweet snuggles and paw holding with Ambie!!! #angelambiesclosetpawty
We love you!!! 🧡

Choo Choo! All aboard!!! #chocospawtyboxtrain
Happy Birthday Choco!!!
Today I gift you a tub full of schmexy ginger muffins!!!
Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! 🧡

First stop is Choco’s Birthday Pawty with her cute besties Lily, Faffe, and Mumme!!!
Happy Birthday ladies!!!
Hop in the pawty tub ladies!!! 🧡

Next stop Greece!!!
Tonight we’re having a Pizza Pawty with Catnip Cola!!! Meet us at Chez Sebby’s!!! 🧡

Next stop, Sweden!!!
Happy Birthday Nelli!!!! 🧡

Next stop, Amsterdam!!!
Happy Birthday Lord Westenwind!!!
#lendahelpingpaw 🧡

Happy Adoptaversary Loki!!!
#pawsupfornox 🖤



The #lordofthecouch Lord Westenwind @rotterdamcats is not resting today!! Its his 14th Birthday and his voice is better than efur! He invites everypawdy to join him in song 🎙at #LordWestenwind14YearsYoung to help him spread cheer and pawsitivity and to #lendahelpingpaw to our furriends in need.
I’ve joined him in a duet of, “That’s What Furriends are Fur”, a variation of that beautiful classic! 🎶.
Stop by and see who’s already at the pawty - and I warn mew - things may get a bit cra cra! 😳Think hot pants, glue guns, Aruba and hideouts!
*Photo of Lord W borrowed from @rotterdamcats 🐾.
💐 Remember furriends, tomorrow-Saturday Caturday is flower feature day @pet_delight See their post on how mew may win a feature! 🌸🌼🌺.
I’m going to pick some bouquets 💐 to bring to these pawties 🎂🎉🎈.
💐Happy 10th Birthday/Adoption Day Carl @carlandjude .Read sweet message from his meowmy 🎂🤗❤️
💐Happy 1st Birthday 🎂 to adorable George and Archie @two_ginger_kitties
Feelin’ a bit camera shy today! 📷.
💐Happy 7th Birthday to Oliver @hollyandoliver celebrating with all his special treats 🐟🐦🍾🎂.
💐Happy 3rd Birthday to Falcuta @falcuta.the.cyprus.cat having a special celebration with family and furriends #falcutabdaypawty 🎂🎉
💐 Happy 2nd Birthday to Casper @tokyo_neo.mainecoon Yummy treats, games and music at #casperbirthdayparty 🎂🎈🎉🎶.
💐 Happy 3rd Birthday Radha @radzathegolden who had an interesting 🙀 breakfast today!🎂🎈
💐And Bibi @bibitheblindcat is having a furry happy Friyaaay! She made it to 3K and is having a giveaway pawty #bibis3kfriends See her post fur details!👏🎉💐🎈🤗.


Happy friyay!
Psst! Did you see any purrlice👮 or FBI looking for two beautiful cats with or without wigs and sunglasses?! No?! Ok, Marmie @cflickcats !!! I think it's safe to attend some impawtent pawties tonight!
I heard, that Dr Who @fatmonkeycats got some brand new sparkly purple speedos 👖 with real fake gold lamé for his pole dancing number 🕺 at Ollie's @olliebolliebutters #holycrapim14pawty 🎉 tonight . Dr Who and PPD Padishah @mypetsetmoi (who has a fake real sparkly gold speedo with purple lamé) are gonna do a double routine, which according to Dr Who is gonna be FAB-U-LUSH! Already checked on Ebay and we may get up to $ 2,500 💰 for those speedos. I mean just in case they accidentally fall into our paws.👜😹
When we add this to the CAD 10, which our adorable MURRAY @itsmekevin_thecat raised by selling freshly squeezed lemonade 🍋#murrayslemonadestand , we could pay most of the penalty charges from a trip with Clover's BORROWED Barbiemobile. A big THANK YOU to adorable MURRAY🧡 and everypawdy who bought a glass of lemonade!🥤
Lord Westenwind @rotterdamcats even placed a bulk order of 🍋 the lemonade, which is served at his #lordwestenwind14yearsyoung 🎂 birfday pawty. Of course Lord W. is celebrating his special day with #rotterdamcatskaraoke 🎤. So come and join him in #lendahelpingpaw to all of our dear furriends that need encouragement and hope!🐾🎶
Since Marmie & I were in Aruba, we (almost) missed the birfdays of Oscar @kimmsy_10 #oscars6thsummerbdaypawty , Nelli @purrfighters #nellis4thbday and @iamyoursunshinee  #sunshinesscrumptioussixthbirthday . HAPPY BIRFDAY!🎂🎈
Later I'm gonna fly to Ireland where Cinders @cindersvlog is celebrating his 2nd birfday #cinders2ndpawsomepawty
I need to stop by @selene_squall_tempest_othello . Othello needs some cheering up, because he'll have all his teefies pulled next week #400pawtywithothellosteeth .🎉
Finally it's back to the Caribbean 🏝. Pirate Bucky @bucky_buccaneer is having #buckys2kamputationcelebration . There'll be rum punch, tuna steaks, treasure digging in the litter box and pirate tales.🏴☠️ 💖🐾 😽 Love, Mira (proud diamond member 💎💳 of the @pawshcatclub )


Meowmy and I had a fashion photo shoot 📷 this morning and a couple of thank mews are in order fur these beautiful prizes.
Surrounded by these lovely flowers 🌺 🌸in a floral collar won in Misha’s Birthday giveaway @meowmisha7 from Oasis Pet Boutique.
Then swipe ◀️ On Cloud 9 with these puffy clouds ☁️ ☁️ on sky blue bow tie from Oliver and Freddie @tailsofoliverandfreddie Adoptaversary contest from their meowmy’s Etsy shop.
Thank mew, furriends
they arrived just in time to wear to some furry special pawties! 🎉.
🎂 Happiest Birthday to the master of the mic🎙,Lord W @rotterdamcats celebrating #lordwestenwind14yearsyoung Everypawdy’s invited to join him all weekend in songs of love and suppawt to our furriends in need. #lendahelpingpaw 🤗❤️🎉.
☠️Arghh! Purrpurations are being made mateys and I’ll be boarding the pirate ship with besties @cflickcats to celebrate Bucky @bucky_buccaneer #buckys2kamputationcelebration on July 12 with the @tripawdcatsquad ☠️🎉☠️.
🎂 I know we’re going to have a pawsome time in Ireland 🇮🇪 today with sweet Cinders @cindersvlog at #cinders2ndpawsomepawty 🎉🎈🎁🎊☘️
🎂 Happy 2nd Birthday Cassie and Mickie @cassie_and_mickie_ #cagneyandlaceys2ndbirthday 🎉🎈🎊. 🎉 I can’t tell mew what’s happening at #hurricanehastings1kcelebration, @hurricane_hastings mew’ll have to go see fur mewrself! Psst, 🤫hot pants are involved!🙀🎉🐾🍕.
🎂 Happy 9th Birthday to Alfie @mr_mustachio_the_cat 🎉🎈🎊.
🎂 Happy 3rd Birthday and 1st Adoptaversary to beautiful Koko @jenn_e_furry 🎉🤗.
🎂 Happy 3rd Birthday Kikay and Bullet @tabby_tkoy_and_family 🎉🎈🎊.
🌸 Gather up some flowers and take a pic fur flower feature day on Saturday @jiggy.poo1 @pet_delight 🌺🌼🌸
🎂 Happy 1st Birthday Oneiro @__oneilak__ 🎉🎈.
🎂 Happy Birthday Amro @amr_072009 🎉🎈🎊.
🙏 Purrlease keep our sweet buddy Winston @mews_oz_bean_winston in mewr prayers 🙏🙏🙏.
He suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with a heart murmur.
Thank mew, Bean, fur letting us know. Sending our ❤️❤️❤️.


Chewbacca: So are you really going to wear THAT?
Dr Who: Of course, I asked Mumcat to add some gold lamé to my sparkly purple speedos. There’s nothing like a bit of sparkle to add that j'en sais quoi to my pole dancing. Beside Pradishah’s PPD Meowmy @mypetsetmoi made him sparkly gold with purple lamé for our doubles routine *claps catcher’s mit sized paws together quickly* IT’S GOING TO BE FAB-U-LUSH
Chewbacca: I’m not so sure that that’s what Ollie is expecting at his #holycrapim14pawty I think it’s going to be more like holy crap who let this doofus in.
Dr Who: *grumpily points to invitation* The invitation explicitly said pole dancing. Why are you bringing your glue gun? You know Alpha Male Cat says you can’t glue Butters to the floor again even though that is what Ollie really wants for his birthday.
Chewbacca: Actually he wants me to glue him to the ceiling. But the real reason I’m taking my glue gun is because it’s #lordwestenwind14yearsyoung pawty. He wants everybody to #lendahelpingpaw so all weekend I’m going to be making free repairs. ~
It doesn’t matter if something got broken at a pawty like at #buggys5thbirthday or we just want to make some nice crafts at #sunshinesscrumptioussixthbirthday I’m going to be ready to lend a helping paw. What are you going to do Fluffybutt?
Dr Who: #Ijustwanttodance
We want to wish all our special furriends @olliebolliebutters @rotterdamcats @buggy_supercat @iamyoursunshinee the very happiest of birthdays. Now let’s get these pawties started! And don't forget to bring along anything that might be a #gluegunemergency


Everything’s coming up roses! 🌹

I’m feeling cute in my Pink and Yellow Rosebud Bowtie from @fashion.pawradise
@rudi.and.cindy 🎀

I think I’ll use this shot in my meowdelling portfolio!!! 📸

Maybe I’ll get noticed!!!
@nilpferd_de_la_nuit 📸

This would make a great painting!
The new Mona Lisa!
@street_cat_named_brian 🖼

Shall we pawty?!? 🖤

Happy Panther Thursday
#pantherthursday 🖤

Happy Adoptaversary Loki!!!
We love you Loki!!!
We still miss our buddy Nox!
We love you Nox!!!
#pawsupfornox 🖤 “Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Lord Westenwind
Happy Birthday to You.” Singing Happy Birthday to the Lord Of Everything!!!
We love you buddy!!!
#lendahelpingpaw 🎤

I’m also singing Happy Birthday to my beautiful furriend Nelli!!!
I love you Nelli!!!!
Let’s dance baby!!! 🖤

Happy Birthday Alfie!!!!
We’re taking nip to pawty with our handsome furriend with the amazing whiskers!!! Love you!!! 😻

I detect a Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday ladies!!!
@cassie_and_mickie_ 🕵️‍♀️ Happy Birthday Mars!!!
@virpisuomela 🎂

Happy Adoptaversary Bucky!!!
I’m being a pirates chest full of nip to celebrate Matey!!! Congrats!!! 💰

I’ve got to hurry and help the gang take the whole fridge to Sunshine’s!
Happy Birthday Sunshine!!!
We love you!!! 🌞

Joining Fred and Thunder for #nationalamericanpetphotoday
@punkrawkgyrl69 📸

I’ll see you at the pawties!!! #buttonthediabeticcat 💖

@nhvnaturalpet 📸

Please help us bring Cindy home!
Lost in West New York, New Jersey
There is a $500 reward offered!


Meowza, dear furrriends! So, the LordCat Himself, the one and only #LordOfTheCouch will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow! 😻🎊🎉🎇
On Friday, July 12th, our VP #LordWestenwind will turn 14 years young and that calls for a special edition of #RotterdamCatsKaraoke #LordWestenwind14YearsYoung 🎀
What we #RotterdamCats & #RotterdamCatCrew would love to the most, is ALL of you furrriends or at least as a many of mew as possible to join and sing songs of pawsitivity and suppawt - as there many out there who could use some love and kindness, whether it is a pet, a stray, a feral or Hooman... ♥️
It is a harsh world out there, pawsies, so let's #LendAHelpingPaw whenever and wherever we can...♥️🐾🐾
In that spirit, our #LordOfKaraoke
will sing whatever Happy Songs you want him to sing! 🎤🎵🎼
We love you all, pawsies and we couldn't imagine our world with you all, without this wonderful feline community we call #COI
#coicommunity and to us, that means all other pets, too! 🐾🐾
#pawtypawtypawty #pawtycats #PawtyCircuit #BirthdayBoy #BirthdayCat #seniorcatsrock
#seniorcats #seniorcatsofinstagram #SeniorCatSquad #seniorcatsclub


Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. -Henry James

Thank you for helping to feed a few feline friends in need of a helping paw this week!

#kindness #sparkkindness #bekind #lendahelpinghand #lendahelpingpaw


Had such a great time with the dogs @doggie_bonez_inc_ Big shout-out to our new club president Hannah Cho!


This is so true! We have lots of dogs and kitty's in need of some lovin! Come by and sign up to volunteer!#portisabel #iygas #volunteer #lendahelpinghand #lendahelpingpaw


Nordy and art #3.
Nordy went up and sniffed this man’s face. He thought he might need some help. .
Notice his feet. . .
A powerful reminder of how we look at others and their situations.
#matthew2545 #leastofthese #lovehasnoboundaries #lendahelpingpaw


As they’ve failed to finish the garden on time the dogs thought they’d help out 🐾 #cyprusdogs #doglabour #lendahelpingpaw


Saxby helping Dad do some yard work. #lendahelpingpaw #theredrascal #finewinecaninetoo #tinsheets


Meowza, dear furrriends... We #RotterdamCats & #RotterdamCatCrew just want to take the time to send some love and suppawt to some furrriends out there who need it!
Our newly found furriend & fellow panther Shadow @cutemagicalpets crossed The Bridge recently, while he was awaiting treatment for lung cancer. His Meowmy and brofur Gizmo could use really use some extra love and purrrs right now, pawsies 🐾❤️
The saddest tragedy struck the family of @adventuresindiaperland as they had to say goodbye to three of their older kitties Santana, Frampton and Maggie very suddenly and all three in a very short time. This loss is beyond everypawdy's imagination and we deeply feel with their family. Please go and show them some love and suppawt in these dark hours 🙀🙀❤️
To you kitties Shadow, Santana, Frampton and Maggie, we say .. Shine on, dear ones, shine on #AcrossTheBridge out there in That Great Beyond, where it is Furever Springtime ... Shine brightly over your grieving families, furever and ever more #NeverFurgotten

Then, there are quite some kitties out there battling illness, so please send them all your #HealingPurrrs & #PawsitiveVibes.
Then, our buddy Reggie @blackie_reggie is still fighting an ear infection and he still could use your pawsitive vibes and TCL #purrsforreggie 🐾❤️ His Meowmy set up a GoFundMe, link in their bio @blackie_reggie ❤️
Wishing Sheldon @sheldonandpals all the luck as he was rushed to the ER earlier and, while he is back at home, is still not doing well 🐾❤️
Sweet Hugo @lulu_and_hugo got salmonella and is very sick with a high fever now, so send him some love too ❤️🐾
Sending strength to poor Jack @love_jackanddex #welovejack who is suffering from a blocked urethra which has also been the case with dear Boni @boni_mckenzie who is being treated but still in bad condition.❤️🐾
Much love for brave kitty Lola @lola_warrior_princess whose cancer has returned and sending #purrsforlola ❤️🐾
Dearest furrriends, we send our purrrayers and suppawt your way. Whatever you are going through, please know you are not alone. We repeat, you are not alone.
#LendAHelpingPaw #FurrriendsInNeed
#paws #catpaws #COI #coicommunity


😻Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes #KittyLove #AnimalLover #LendaHelpingPaw #cat #kittys


UPDATE: I am so happy to say that my vet's guess at cost was higher than what his vet visit ended up costing!😅 In light of this, Hero's bill has been paid in full. What a relief!
Thank you so much to all who donated to his care! 🥰 **A separate post will be shared with his vet visit pics.

Hero has a vet appointment this afternoon but, he's a bit short on funds.😟 Hero is going for some bloodwork to monitor his disease as well as, to check on his thyroid. Hero has both leishmaniasis (a blood born parasitic disease) and hypothyroid.
With his weight gain, I'm concerned his thyroid meds need adjusting; however monitoring his disease is also important to ensure he's not heading towards a flare-up. Up to this point, his disease, while actiive, has been very stable. I hope the bloodwork will continue to give us good news this way.

Any financial gift of support is appreciated to help Hero afford his medical visit this afternoon. He short $135 based on what the vet estimated his bloodwork cost to be (between $400/$450). Thank you for your support of this big snuggly lug! We are grateful for every dollar gifted. No amount is ever too small.💖

To make a financial gift, please send e-Transfer to randomrescue7@gmail.com OR a direct donation can be made to Beaches Animal Hospital (1-416-690-4040) under the name Jiha Humayun (Hero's other rescue mom - it was a joint effort😊) Thank you!

#blinddog #dog #biglug #blinddogsofinstagram #germanshepherdsofig #gsdlovers #germanshepherd #specialneedspets #pets #randomrescue #rescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #vetvisittoday #helpneeded #pleasedonate #herothedog #leishmaniasis #parasiticdisease #offtothevet #hypothyroidism #bloodwork #hypothyroiddog #canine #medicalneeds #blind #help #lendahelpingpaw #pleaseandthankyou


Mom and I are making oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for Daddy. I lent Mama a paw and she let me lick the peanut butter spatula! Mama says they taste delicious!
#chefadoodle #shepadoodle #mamaslittlehelper #dog #puppy #lendahelpingpaw


Had a great time at the earth day fair! Such an important day, we should think of it always #earthday




WE do our own yard maintenance here at the shelter. Mowing, weed eating, clean up and making this a home environment for our animals.
The other thing to keep in mind is that this gives us the opportunity to have the animals get familiar with loud noises, and see how they react. Besides, they help water the plants too 😂 and get one on one cuddles!
Chili is available for adoption and waiting for his forever home!! #WEareHopewellAnimalServices