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by @featherlyeverafter

FEA is moved & back open for business as usual tomorrow!

Come see us at 2081 Middletown Ave, Northford. We will be open from 12-5! •

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by @jenni_mcdonough

And a ⭐️ is born ❤️❤️❤️😍this Girl is amazing 😉 #firsttimer #squishy #graciegirl #lovehersomuch #blessed #someonesdaughter #momsquad 🤩😎🙌🙌👏🏻⭐️💫🎬#1


by @mrs.turpin_girlmom

Best part about my day, these little smiles I get when we are home.
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by @chelsbythec

Today I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Will time ever slow down? Will she always be this same child? Will she remember this special day? Mamas, I know you know what I’m feeling here. The days are slow but the years are quick.⠀

Not every day is what I pictured when I thought about #momgoals. There is whining - every day. There is something to be upset about EVERY DAY, but this look on her face? THIS LOOK? It’s everything: genuine excitement, unbridled joy, and love. These are the moments that trump the exhaustion, frustration, and short patience. ⠀

We’re plunging into three excited and full of energy. Double tap if you feel all the feels when your baby grows up (better yet - head to the link in my profile to read more!). ⠀

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by @kristinleigh888

BANANA 🍌 BREAD PROTEIN SMOOTHIE! Why bake when you can just blend!😉

🍌1 cup Silk® Unsweetened Original Almondmilk
🍌1 frozen banana
🍌2 Tbsp chopped walnuts
🍌2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp allspice, pinch (or two) of sea salt)
🍌1 serving French Vanilla Vega One Nutritional Shake
Optional: top with more chopped walnuts
Blend, sip & enjoy!! #fasterwaywithkandk

Warwick, New York

by @fitmomtasha

Spending the day in my business casuals as per the norm. 😎🙃 I’ve spent the day on mentorship calls with my new coaches who are ready to hit the ground running and I couldn’t be more excited. I love helping women get healthy, but it’s even a bigger passion of mine to help women start a business that can create a life of freedom for their family. 🤓

Edmonds, Washington

by @angelamoreno.diaryofamom

If you’re not out of breath...maybe you didn’t work hard enough.😓😆
Something I tend to remind myself of when I get comfortable in a workout or take it easy. Right now, I don’t have time to take it easy. .
Pushing through mental blocks, excuses, limitations and abilities is my focus these last 11 weeks of the year. .
78 days til surgery

Riverside, California

by @marcie_kazanowski

What do you believe? Do you believe that everything you want is available to you? Or do you believe that everything you want is just out of reach?
When I started coaching, I believed ANYTHING was possible. I believed it deep in my SOUL! And you know what? That belief radiated in my smile and my energy. And that belief led me to some quick success.

And when things got hard...and I lost sight of the belief in the possibilities...things slowed. And then nearly stopped. And I nearly gave up. My beliefs went from “anything is possible” to “maybe it’s not possible for me.” It’s taken me over a year, a freaking YEAR, to start turning that mindset back around and to start believing again! BUT that year taught me that you CAN get back to where you were..physically, mentally, and emotionally!

So to keep this good vibe train going, I am opening up enrollment for #newcoaches who want to join our #momsquad!
A few requirements to join us! • you must not be a current coach or working with a coach • you must be willing to FIRST work on yourself and commit to a fitness program • you must be willing to commit to giving yourself one healthy meal a day • and you must be willing to be a part of our community! And that means lifting up one another, joining us for virtual happy hours/wine nights, and fiercely loving yourself and the other members of our #community.
So get that wine glass ready, momma! It’s time to get back to you! {slide in my DMs to chat about joining us!}


by @citrusandloveessentials

These little bottles 😍 So much wellness, support, and love. It is hard to picture a life without them. They have given us tools. Tools to support wellness, emotional balance, boo boos and owies, sleep, safe cleaning products, tension, potty training, immunity - I could keep going because it is literally everything. There are so many companies out there selling oils but THIS one…Young Living…has nothing but you in mind. Your health and your wellness and their promise of nothing but the best. Seed to Seal. And the best part? Is this amazing community of women walking hand in hand, supporting, and love each other. It was something I didn’t realize that I needed but did. A chance to focus on health and wellness while being nurtured and supported by others?! It’s phenomenal and not something you find everyday. So let me know if you want to hop on this goodness train. I would love for you to join me 🤗
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Fort Collins, Colorado

by @kynship_

Are you looking for a natural way to help with anxiety?
This is a must have at my house! I take a dropper in the morning to help me not go too crazy with my kids and a dropper at night to help my brain quiet down so I can sleep. 💤

Best seller for a reason! *Helps with situational anxiety | stress | worry | nervousness | travel anxiety | concentration *Formula contains clincially proven Passion Flower extract | 100% alcohol and drug free | natural chocolate flavor

PC @winknaturals


by @bmorefitmom

Talk about a #transformationtuesday! So, so proud of this girl! I will never forget back in March when she ended up in my HIIT class at the Y....about lost her life....but still came to barre after. It was then that we chatted a bit about lifting- which brought her to @empoweredmd. This was the game changer. We trained for 3 months and she did my app workouts and freaking killed the challenges. Which of course meant.....she was #lesmillsgrit ready!!!! Another game changer.
This is what happens when you step out if your comfort zone. When you show up to meet your trainer after 12 hour overnight nursing shift. When you consistantly weight train on your own. When you push the anaerobic limits with Grit. When you start to eat better. When you stay the course OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. And when you are a determined freaking bad ass!

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Empowered Fitness

by @natashaelizabethrhn

You can add turkey to anything.....when I cook a turkey, it's in every meal all week long 😂

Good thing we all love it.


by @swaddledesigns

Afternoon vibes. Taking a break for yourself when baby naps. It's a good thing. Our Touch of Shimmer Tiny Triangle on soft cotton muslin.


by @a_healthy_mama

Once again it's Tuesday, and I'm thankful for my Plexus besties! ❤️ We look forward to our coffee to catch up on life, but also encourage each other in our businesses. This past year has brought a lot of hardship and tears but it's also made us stronger and more hopeful for the future. 🙏🙌
When I joined Plexus 4.5 years ago, I was looking for a distraction from infertility and hope that maybe these products would make a difference. My husband was skeptical. I was nervously excited but we moved forward in faith. I told my husband, "Give me one year and let's see what happens." It's now been 4.5 years. My health has changed. I became a stay at home mom. I found a community of like-minded people to pour into and that could pour into me. I found some of my best friends! I found purpose. ~
You see....you don't always have to know everything or have it all figured out. You do have to choose to take A step forward. We're all fearful. We all have insecurities. But what you do with those is what makes the difference. ~
I'm excited to move forward and continue to overcome fears to live my full purpose and potential. If you're searching for something more, a community, a place to feel a part of something bigger than yourself, then come join the party. We have a place waiting just for YOU! 😘


by @mycasualmom

Winter is coming! What happened to fall? These boots with code: FALL18 are 20% off! So many of my readers love them and it’s my duty to not let you pay full price if humanly possible! #linkinbio for details on them! Xo, Brooke! #sugarbush #bootseason #momsquad #michigan #michiganblogger #lovelansing #lansingblogger #momlife #girlmom #lifestyle #gold #tuesday #michiganmom #flashesofdelight #momsquad #thatsdarling


by @tshanina.peterson

Oh the fun of switching out wardrobes. 🙃 It’s never fun but I’m always glad when it’s done!
We continue to be blessed with hand-me-downs from cousins and I’m sooo thankful that I don’t have to go shopping when the seasons change.
Have you gotten wardrobes switched around yet?

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

by @jen4scoutandcellar

A great wine comes from great vines that are growing grapes organically and wine makers who believe the wine should taste the way nature intended without synthetic pesticides, added chemicals or added sugar!


by @jenni_mcdonough

So stinking cute this kid is ... my ❤️😎#kid 💯❤️❤️him!!
#mykidsaremylife #blessed #mansbestfriend #momsquad #bigbro #love #godisgood #mykidsarebetterthanyours 😁


by @pdawnc

He does this every time. Every.Time! WHY????


by @aprilguldi

Hey everyone!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ •

I know I’ve been really quiet on here... (Now you know why) lol but now I’m excited to start documenting my pregnancy!

Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling too well. 😓 But today I’m 8 weeks so I’m hoping it will clear up in the next month or so. 😅 I’ll be posting as much as I can... We’re super excited!!! I still can’t believe I’m gonna be joining the #momsquad 🙉🤯 And guess what?! My baby is now the size of a kidney bean! 😍 •

Photo cred 📸 @ginathompsonphotography

Lake Louisa State Park

by @kyliemichellewright

Love fades. Pizza is forever. 🍕#westonmatthewwright 🖤🖤🖤

Slices Desert Ridge

by @emily.lauren.roberts

I got my mom squad, and we’re taking over the world🔥💯📲 all from our phone!


by @simpleandblush

Love this picture of this momma @amanduhhkayy ❤️ She just had her first baby and she is freaking killin it #momsquad .
Comment below how old were you when you had your first baby? I was 24 years old!


by @khanandkin

Big Bean got her first-ever haircut today 💇🏻‍♀️ She was so good (and got some cheesy crackers and new sparkly nail polish out of the deal 💅✨) Goodbye forever, baby mullet!


by @grumpygretel

Skincare tip: want smoother, firmer, more youthful looking skin? Then try this out 🙌🏻

🔲 Intensive Renewing serum with Retinal:
▪️ 20x stronger than retinol
▪️ The strongest Retin-A without prescription ▪️ Engineered to prevent peeling & irritation ▪️ Can be used on all skin types even SENSITIVE SKIN
▪️ Works fast ( 4 weeks with improved results over time)

🔲 Amp MD Roller 2.0 :
▪️Laser cut and measured tips ▪️protective clip on cap- great for traveling ▪️ More accurate and comfortable design .
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by @fitbalancedcoaching

Listen to Elsa. She's on to something! Otherwise those negative feelings and that never ending story you tell yourself.. keeps you stuck for a very long time.

Alternatively, create balance by winning a few moments throughout your day and.... here's the kicker....pay close attention....reflect on those moments at the END of your day!!!! Bit by bit you start to create a new HABIT void of shame, guilt and comparison. But...there is still work to do and that story will still be there and we will continue to win moments!

Are you ready?!?
#redefiningbalance #momsquad #findyourbalance #balanceisvontrollable #howdoyoudescribeit #changeyourmindset #changeyourlife #unleashyourgreatness