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“This island is a big asylum because there is the sea, but there is also the fact that you don’t have rights anymore. You don’t have rights,” says Médecins Sans Frontières psychiatrist Alessandro Barberio describing the Greek Island of Lesbos, now home to 8,000 refugees. The conditions in the camp for the refugees exacerbate or even create mental health problems. 19 year old Syrian, Farzat, self harms and has attempted to take his life. The war left him traumatised. The camp provides little chance to heal. “I saw the blood of young children, they all died and that’s how I got a mental disorder, I see it in my sleep. It’s always terrifying when I sleep.”
Refugees stand in the Aegean Sea on Lesbos Island with Turkey behind them.
Moria camp in Lesbos overflows with refugees and their desperation. Inhuman living conditions and a snail-paced relocation process can drive the already traumatized towards depression and suicide - mental health issues that haunt a people with no home. They risked their lives to get to Europe. They thought they had escaped the trauma & would find peace, a future. They were wrong.
#inmyworld is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with #mentalhealth issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to improve life for excluded groups by amplifying their stories. This work was made in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières @doctorswithoutboarders who are providing mental health support to the island’s refugees. See the full story on www.nationalgeographic.com/ To see more on instagram or share your own mental health story please follow @onedayinmyworld


📸: @krystlejwright // It was a sight I wasn’t expecting to find on Maui, Hawaii. From the lush green coastline to a landscape that suddenly felt reminiscent of the moon when trekking through Haleakalā National Park. The park area was designated an International Biosphere Reserve in 1980 and the hike is well worth the visit as it weaves through the volcanic landscape. #hawaii #maui #hiking


Hallstatt - Austria ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@cbezerraphotos✨✨
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Upside Down | Photograph by Romano Salis
“Acrobat and mountain guide Lukas Mathis on the top of Fiamma, a peak in the eastern part of the Alps,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Romano Salis. “After several fails, Lukas could hold his handstand and I was able to catch this breathtaking moment.”

“This seems so dangerous, to do a handstand on the peak of this rock face. I love how wide you made this frame, revealing not only the epic landscape to this moment, but also the height of Fiamma. I agree with Your Shot photographer Valerie Bryan who commented, 'Awesome shot! Although my knees got a bit weak looking at it! LOL! The sky is in perfect formation drawing your eye right to the man! Love it!'" — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


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What better backdrop for some impromptu yoga? 🧘‍♂️ #WHPplay


Photo by @paulnicklen: A conservationist swimming with tiger sharks off of Oahu teaches surfers how to avoid being attacked by the massive predators, a danger that's real but far less common than drowning. #hawaii #underwater #swimming #sharks #adventure


“Only 8 weeks old and Hannah is already dreaming about her future as a service dog!” writes @fosteringpuppies


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