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by @drsylvester200

This may offend some but It’s always amazing to see how many of us truly believe we can PIMP God..... Far too many of us regularly don’t:
- pray
- fast
- read our bibles - attend worship service
- submit to Godly leadership - walk with God - obey the Bible - seek ways to grow our Spirit Man
- seek ways to mortify the deeds our flesh
- support the Kingdom of God
But yet we expect God’s:
- Protection - Prosperity - Favor - Blessings - immediate intervention into our emergencies
Hmmmm......Yep, sounds a lot like PIMPING to me.

Listen, it Won’t Work. You can’t Pimp him and you can’t serve him on your terms. Period.


by @coraliefraser

LIFE .... there soo many layers apon layers. Simple doesn’t exist anymore. Life can be super complex, we ALL have the our battles our demons. This day and age with social media, the pressure of perfectionism. We all are constantly seeking more. We are the only species who can have thoughts about our own thoughts. We judge ourself harshly.
We constantly worry about time and need for more.
No wonder we are caught up in haze of anxiety/depression and mental illness. Addictions and unhealthy habits to create a high but unfortunate this creates a low.. We are living in the past regret or worried about the future.
We give to many fucks about the stupid shit to small stuff & not enough room for the bigger stuff. We worry about how others perceive us but in the end we all end up dead sorry but it’s inevitable. We are doomed for death. We all face sickness, death of loved ones. We all don’t feel fucking amazing all the time. Life is a OVERWHELMING with information contradicting everywhere and us becoming more and more intelligent we all really stop in the moment in the rush.

Pain makes us stronger or weaker, it’s what you do with the pain. But we all experience because that’s what makes JOY the moments we all have and know how far we’ve came and mountains we’ve climbed & yet to climb. Don’t waste to much time inside your own head judging your own thoughts. Live in the moment and be greatful what’s infront of you ♥️. #shareifyouagree


by @jmorrisfitness

Let Her Do It.
If she uses a Snapchat filter every time she takes a picture, because it makes her feel pretty. Let her do it.
If she smoothes out every wrinkle on her face before she posts a picture. Let her do it.
If she wears the same kind of shirt every day because that’s the one she feels comfortable in. Let her do it.
If she takes gym selfies everyday to track her progress. Let her do it.
If she poses the same way in every picture because she likes that angle of her body the best. Let her do it.
We live in a society where it’s hard to feel good enough. Yet I see people every day posting negativity like “stop using Snapchat filters to make your eyes look bigger. Stop using the smoothing tool. Stop taking gym selfies. We get it.” Why would you want her to stop doing something that makes her feel good?

Why does it matter to you?

If it makes her feel pretty... even for a split second.. if it makes her feel good about herself... Let her do it.. ✊🏼 #transformationtuesday #motivation #nodaysoff #positivevibesonly #alllove #allsmiles #makeadifference #bethelight #blessed #forever #thankful #love #LA #hollywood #celsiuslivefit #caliville #loveisallyouneed #lifeisbeautiful #shareifyouagree


by @proudamericanway

Patriotism is easy to understand in America. It means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country. #proudamerican #loveusa #patriotsnation #greatquotes #shareifyouagree 🇺🇸💪


by @meganjones68

Insulin is the same as needing oxygen to breathe. People with #type1diabetes don’t make insulin on their own and insulin is needed for their cells to breathe. Lack of insulin is deadly and it slowly kills the organs in the body over time or can quickly cause DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and can lead to death. No one in need of lifesaving insulin should ever go without due to rising high costs. Insulin should be affordable and accessible to all. #shareifyouagree

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

by @tmartinator25_

⚠️Please READ and SHARE⚠️
I made some fantastic friends here but I don't think anymore that this is the best fandom ever. Everyone is talking shit about others and about the twins. They have a life. They can do whatever they want. Is the REAL life not just a a video where fans can control their life. I don't think anymore that this is my place. Nobody cares (or almost of you). Maybe I'll just take a break from here because I want to chill and live my life as the twins want to. Please think about what I'm saying. What should you do if others want to control your life? I feel controlled too by the comments and by the others. You don't know who I am and I don't know who are you, so why should I talk shit about you even if idk you? Please think about it. And if you think the same share. I'll always support the twins but I'm not supporting fake people. I love you @emiliovmartinez & @ivanmartinez
#stopthisdrama #shareifyouagree #martineztwins #nofakefans #martinators4thewin