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by @amandabenbynek

🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Daddy! @ronbenbynek


by @gracerivellino

De laatste stilte-wandeling van de @ciaobellaweekends 2018.
Wat heb ik genoten van deze vroege wandelingen. Elke keer een fantastisch moment om samen met de zon wakker te worden weer een fantastische dag te beginnen.
De stilte wandeling is wandelen langs een geweldige kustlijn van Puglia, in stilte.
Geen energie voor een ander, maar alles voor jezelf. Om volop gelukshormonen aan te maken en te helen met de kracht van de natuur.
Door bewust alle zintuigen aan te zetten en de gedachtenstroom te laten voor wat het is, lukt het om te komen in het NU.
Niet in het verleden, niet in de toekomst, maar NU.
Ik ben rijk🙏🏼


by @theriversiren

Issac Newton is the reason I’m tired in the morning since an object at rest tends to stay at rest... Also, because it's too damn early this think about physics 🌎💫🌤


by @greghendersonphotography

Morning begins in Eureka, California

Eureka, California

by @oeyvinb

The sky was on fire this morning 😍🙌🏼🌅 No filter needed❗️

Bergen, Hordaland

by @royal_p_photos

.... Rise and Shine


by @anjaan_

"You are the master of how you feel"

Its upto you to let anyones words, thoughts or actions affect you, right? Especially if the words dont give you any value, who decides if they should affect you or not?
On the other hand, If people are praising you, should you let it change your being and increase your happiness? Do you need this social approval to know who you are and what you are worth?
In our martial arts @bujinkanuae
We have th e concept of Fudōshin : 不動心 - a state of equanimity or imperturbability. It roughly translates to immovable heart or unshakeable spirit.
There is also the yogic concept of Equanimity - Upeksha : उपेक्षा

This state of mind, taught in both yoga and Buddhism, allows us to respond to all of life's fluctuations with a feeling of completeness.

In a world that craves for validation and insta likes, I wish for you the ability to recognise your worth and not let the outside world control how you feel!

This image is from a #zanzibar #sunrise🌅 yesterday. Check the other images in the series #AnjaanInZanzi. And see the magic of this country. 🇹🇿 Shot at @saverabeachhouses
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Zanzibar, Tanzania

by @simonvelu

Let's watch the sunrise together