photo by @TasneemAlsultan "Amo, what's all this fuss around? All of a sudden I hear clicks and running" The old man leaning against the wall asked us. I took a few more pictures of him, whilst his grandson hugged and kissed him. "I'm with a group of Syrian children walking around the block to find stories to tell. We're using photography right now" I held the camera high enough for him to see, but he showed no sign of recognition. "And you expect this is going to help with anything? Teaching the children photography? It's a waste of time!" He says half serious with a hint of laughter, perhaps mocking my excited reply. "Each person here, has witnessed enough to write a book. These stories need to be told for us to be able to help or change. Amo [uncle], we've not had much freedom of expression for many years, but art is a great outlet, don't you agree?" It took him a while to think for a reply to my question. Finally, he smiles and says: "Please pray for my eye surgery tomorrow. I've not seen the light for the last few years. If I come back with my sight, you can all take pictures of my handsome face!" #refugees #syria #jordan


Barcelona - Spain ✨💛💛💛✨ Picture by ✨✨@vyazmina✨✨
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The Rhythm of Mood | Photograph by Eduardo Soler (@eduardo_soler_photography)
“The foundation and early creation of a human tower in Catalonia. Every year in Spain, a Catalan tradition of building castells — a human tower reaching up to 10 stories — takes place in the town of Vilafranca del Penedès,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Eduardo Soler. “This image was photographed during the annual festivities in honor of Saint Felix, the town’s patron saint.”

“I love how my eye moves to the foundation of this castell. By shooting at a little higher perspective, you are revealing the huge crowd watching, and participating in these festivities. I feel the energy, the anticipation, the excitement as the human tower will continue to grow higher. And great decision to present this frame in black and white, I love it. Well done.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


Video by @wrenees
A flexible schedule = lots of world travel for freelance designer Renee Lusano (@wrenees), who visits far-flung places like Greece, Hungary and Haiti with her drone. To document her travels, Renee creates drone selfies: “First, it shows a somewhat mundane photo of myself, and then as the drone flies up, it reveals that I’m in some expansive and incredibly beautiful place. Soon, you don’t even see me — it becomes not about the selfie, but about the scale of the environment I’m in.”
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Photo by @FransLanting Usually the magic light that can transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary occurs at dawn or dusk, but in Arizona’s slot canyons it happens in the middle of the day. That’s when a shaft of light suffused with dust penetrates deep into a narrow canyon whose sandstone walls are shaped by water over time. Light bounces back and forth between the walls and it creates an ethereal luminosity at the bottom that is reminiscent of a cathedral. This particular canyon is located on Navajo tribal land. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of special places around the world.
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“Wait...how did a walrus make its way onto the Dogs of Instagram page??” writes @endeavorsofego


City of Light ✨


Photo by @paulnicklen: A conservationist swimming with tiger sharks off of Oahu teaches surfers how to avoid being attacked by the massive predators, a danger that's real but far less common than drowning. #hawaii #underwater #swimming #sharks #adventure


The Bouquinistes along the Banks of the Seine, Paris 📚


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