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Happy Monday 😘 #truthbomb


#MediaMonday: we’ve got a feel good read for you from @truthout This morning! ☀️ “If you’re seeking some good news during these troubled times... Small farmers, environmentalists, academic researchers, and food and farming activists have given us agroecology, holistic resource management, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and other methods that can alleviate or perhaps even eliminate the global food system’s worst impacts: biodiversity loss, energy depletion, toxic pollution, food insecurity and massive carbon emissions.” - by Helena Norberg-Hodge, who is the founder and director of Local Futures.


This is my last Monday working for the year! After this Friday, my team and I go quiet to spend time with our families until 2019. (Want to know how you can do that in your biz, too? Everyone on my email list is getting the inside scoop this week!)
Here's what I'm proudest of in 2018:
Members of my Mama CEO Mastery program have doubled their income, had $20,000 months, generated more consistent income, paid off debt, started paying themselves regularly, got serious about saving. They did this through greater clarity in their business, big goals, and solid plans. They did this with coaching and mentorship and everyday support from Mama CEOs who dream big, work hard, and show up for their families and selves the way they want to. (Sound like something you want to be part of? Send me a DM today!)
We hosted more PLANNED virtual planning retreats this year than ever before- we've now coached hundreds of CEOs to plan out their next 90 days with clarity and serious action plans.
We put out our 4th edition of the Mama CEO Planner- and they are starting to arrive at our pre-orders' homes this week.
All through doing LESS BETTER.
What are you most proud of this year? Share in the comments!
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Ever choice you make matters. How are you making your choices? #truthbomb #choicematters #Quoteoftheday #Quoteoftheweek #impact


LIfe is all about perspective, right?.
So, we are all knee deep in the holiday craziness....the parties, the gift shopping, the wrapping, meal prep, trying to stay on course with our nutritional programs, kids activities, eating/drinking/staying up to late....the later of which I did last night.
Our entire house overslept, workouts were missed, today we are getting back on track.
So, dip yourself in some glitter and GET IT ON ✨✨✨✨


The first thing we hearing starting KETO is that we should be drinking a concoction called Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) ☕️ .
When I started I tried it but it wasn’t LOVE AT FIRST SIP for me. Determined 🤔 that I had to find a way I googled and researched everything I could to make it bearable for me to drink!! .
After many failed attempts it’s a no go for me!! Now if you love it that’s AWESOME, but I just can’t get past the texture🤢 .
If you’re like me and just can’t do it...it’s ok 👌 YOU ARE NOT A KETO FAILURE and don’t let anyone make you feel bad. Simply ditch the BPC and find another way to get healthy fats and energy.
Personally I’ve opted for a sweet cream because “I’m not going to put butter in my coffee because someone said it was cool”.... .
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Children are great at manifesting.

Once they've made up their minds about something, it's hard to change their minds.

Especially the 2 year olds. That's why we call it the Terrible Twos.

You simply cannot win an "argument" with a 2 year old.

And perhaps we adults need to learn from them.

Life is so simple for them.

They want it. They get it.

No reasons needed.

They never need to justify their decisions.

I've a 2 year niece and this tiny little thing walks with confidence and she has her parents wrapped around her tiny little finger.

She commands them around even though she can hardly speak.

It's interesting to watch my sister in law, who is usually fierce and feisty, succumb to this little girl's whims and fancy.

That's the path of least resistance.

I'm going to be my 2 year old self today.




🤹‍♀️Imagine this....⠀

What an amazing feeling it would be when you wake up every single today to 600-800 following your Instagram account?⠀

👩‍💻And then converting half of them to your email subscribers?

Yes you heard it right!⠀

🥂All these activities are happening behind your back and all you're doing is sit back, relax and watch your influence grow while drinking your favourite green juice or enjoying a glass of wine.

No need to drag your butt out of the house to attend another boring networking event - just in case you miss out an ideal client.⠀

💃Wouldn't it be nice to attract your ideal clients to you just by simply posting 1 or 3 posts a day?

Wouldn't that save you so much time and you can actually work on building another program or write a book or serve more clients?⠀

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧OR... just spend more time with your family?⠀

🤱 So, I've decided to host a 6 days The Woman of Influence Retreat in BALI - 1st Feb - 6th Feb 2019.

If this is for you, start making travel plans now.⠀

💁‍♀️Here're a some of the things we'll be working on:⠀

How to:⠀

✔brand your authentic self⠀

✔tell your story that will resonate with millions⠀

✔be memorable every post without showing your boobs or butt⠀

✔sell subtlety without looking salesy or desperate⠀

✔use the Law of Attraction and every spiritual Laws to build an influential and profitable business⠀

✔attract your first and next 10k followers even while you're sleeping (that's what's happening for me.)⠀

✔create multiple income streams for your business


Life shifts when you stop giving a shit to shit that don't matter!⠀

🤷‍♀️Isn't that interesting?! I had a wonderful night tonight.

Had conversations with people who I would have never have met if I didn't say YES to a friend who I haven't seen in 4 years!

I had conversations from lawyers to teachers to housewives.

And from all over the world.

From Malaysia to Austria to Sri Lanka to London Vietnam to Taiwan to Japan.

It was nice to dress up and get out of the house.

In the past, I would never have wanted to go if I only knew the host and no one else.

I don't enjoy small talks.

But now, I can carry a conversation with anyone.

It was also nice to visit parts of Singapore I've never been too.

I love the idea of expat living.

But I also love living in Singapore.

So I've decided to live like an expat in Singapore and just enjoy my life.

Why not?

Time to live life!

That's why I'm looking forward to being single again because I can make quick decisions.⠀

👭My girlfriends are all very happy and excited for me and that's the most amazing gift from life.

I can't stress enough that as women we really do need that few non judgmental friends who are ready to take you in and walk along side with you.

But these relationships don't happen overnight.

You need to invest time and nurture these relationships.

It's the best investment ever.

Have a great week ahead!

I'll be attending another birthday event this week and I'm ready to dash out of the house.

Mama needs a night out again. 😂 ⠀



It's easy to tell yourself that you'll start focusing on your goals when:
-The New Year starts
-I have more money
-I have more time
-My kids are older
-Our schedule isn't as crazy
-I feel more motivated
These are your limiting beliefs sister! The same ones that are holding you back from achieving the goals you so desperately want for yourself but are too afraid to commit to #truthbomb
Life is too short!
Only you can commit to the change you are seeking.
Stop spending your days feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, unhappy and self-conscious. But rather, let's spend our days feeling happy, confident and proud.
And if you need some help getting started, you already know I'm waiting here with open arms! 👯‍♀️
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I know it sounds cliche and you probably have heard it many many times.

Thing is, are you practicing it?........ I believe in modeling behavior more then speaking about it. How many role models have you got in your life that truly love themselves....I guess not that many.

Therefore we struggle as a society. You see and feel all the consequences because of the lack of self love.

Wars, depression, illnesses pop-up like mushrooms in a forest.

Like it is a normal fact and a lot of us normalize it as well. But you are not meant to suffer, you are born to thrive.

Cause you got every attribute in you to thrive!!
Cause you are power, love, peace, truth, wisdom, happy and pure.

Why settle for less?

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Type ‘yes’ if this has happened to you!
Check out @eden_sher ‘s @theemotionary // Follow @thisisyourinspiration for more quotes!


Cheers!!! It’s Monday!! Don’t be afraid of a Monday! To me a Monday means a fresh new week. Kids go to school, got a day for myself. I get to plan ahead. Master planning if you will. Take a moment. Take a deep breathe. You’ve got this! Say Hell Yeah Monday!! 👊🏻
What do your Master Plannings look like today? Or do you do it on a different day of the week?

Wearing all @maskcarabeauty per usual! .
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So true! I had to go to the fabric shop today and a lady that works @pricelineau & have met from my shopping trips there, helped me pull my cart to my car! She wasn’t even working, it just happened she was shopping at the same place I was. Then I had to go in again to pick up the rest of my stuff and another customer came from inside the shop to load the other things I had into my car. The staff were too busy to help me. I’m so so very grateful there are strangers out there willing to jump in and help someone like me, who is disabled & some random. Thank you to those ladies who showed kindness to a stranger in need, I hope I am paying it forward everyday in my life. 🤗 💜 "Scientifically proven. xo D #truthbomb"⠀

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21 Days of Gratitude: Day 17

Set your intention, feel grateful that it’s on the way, then go meet it.

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Ain’t that the truth! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻⠀

Tag a girlfriend who can relate.⠀

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Have a wonderful merry jolly holiday season with your family dear friends. Gbu... #Repost @peacefulmindpeacefullife (@get_repost)
Changing the world begins with changing yourself.
Become aware of your actions, behavior, and words to those who are closest to you.

Begin with you and your inner circle and watch the ripple affect of love, patience, and courage be the change you wish to see. 🙏
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She wasn’t looking for a Knight. She was looking for a sword - @atticuspoetry
// 📷 Hendra Pontomudis via @unsplash