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Back to back bend after back it's almost healed. Needless to say, feels good to arch, to stretch and to breathe without pain.

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is now up on my YouTube! A gentle 20 minute flow working through a range of stretches and mobility drills to help open the shoulders, chest and spine - perfect if you have a few days away from your desk this bank holiday weekend 🤗 enjoy!


⭐️ #TriYogaSchool ⭐️ Our April focus is on stretching our hamstrings, & our pose for week 3 is Prasarita Padottanasana A or Wide Legged Forward Bend 🎓 As well as stretching the hamstrings, Prasarita Padottanasana A also stretches & lengthens the calves, hips, lower back & spine.
1. Judge your stance based on the length of your legs & the length of your torso - Your feet shouldn’t be too far apart
2. Have the feet parallel & the heels aligned with each other
3. Place the hands on the mat shoulder width apart, & line the fingertips up with the toes
4. Keep your weight forwards on the balls of your feet
5. Engage the legs by pulling up the kneecaps & draw the shoulder blades down the back
6. Reach the top of the head down towards the mat as you reach the sit bones up. Focus on folding from the hip joints
7. Keep the lower belly drawn in & the pelvic floor pulled up
8. The drishti, or gaze, is towards the nose
Don’t forget to check in with Helen & CeCe for all their tips on Prasarita Padottanasana A 👍
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Your @TriYogaSchool teachers:
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Who’s on a quest for the press?? 🧐🤸‍♂

@actionhiro guides you through essential techniques for straddle press handstand that’ll have you saying, “Ohh... that’s how you do it!”

Grab your blocks 🧱 + your yoga buddies 👯‍♀ (tag ‘em!), and let’s get to work!

So here is post 1 and 2 of a 3 post series on getting into a straddle handstand!

This video covers the shoulders mostly, so even if straddle press handstand feels light years away, these exercises are so beneficial for setting you up for success in the future and start building that awareness NOW 🙌🙌🙌

Part 2 ✌️of straddle pressing into handstand - working the legs specifically the hip flexors and outer glutes 🐒🍑 haha!

Give these a try AND coordinate it with Post 1 of straddle press several posts down!

And don’t forget to tag a friend that could benefit from these exercises in the 👇comments👇 below!
Yoga Retreats / Yoga Jobs / Private Yoga Teachers - tap link in bio.☝
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Сегодня 15 лунные сутки и Полнолуние 🌑 по лунному календарю. Луна находится в апогее, на пике своей энергетической насыщенности.
Все кто занимается йогой наверняка слышали про то, что в полнолуние и новолуние лучше не заниматься и сделать выходной.

Поскольку человек на 70 % состоит из воды, то он подвержен влиянию Луны. Фазы Луны определяются ее позицией по отношению к Солнцу. Полнолуние 🌑 происходит, когда планеты в оппозиции, а новолуние 🌖, когда пересекаются. Дни полнолуния и новолуния считаются днями отдыха от практики асан в традиции Аштанга йоги. .
✔Энергия полной Луны соотносится с завершением вдоха, когда сила прана-вайю наиболее велика. Это расширяющая, идущая вверх сила, которая вызывает в нас чувство энергии и эмоциональности, но при этом нестабильности. Упанишады говорят, что основная прана находится в голове. Во время полнолуния мы становимся более упрямыми и своевольными. .
✔Энергия новой Луны соотносится с завершением выдоха, когда велика сила апана-вайю. Апрана это сжимающая, идущая вниз сила, которая вызывает в нас чувство спокойствия и стабильности, но туповатости 😆 и болезненности в сфере физической нагрузки.

В дни новолуния и полнолуния солнце и луна находятся на одной линии и поэтому их взаимное влияние усиливается.
Паттабхи Джойс, основатель Аштанга йоги, говорил «Two ‘planets’ [grahas] one place, very dangerous». (Две планеты в одном месте, очень опасно). И делал в эти дни в школе аштанга йоги выходные. До сих пор, в центре традиции в Индии, Майсоре, никогда не практикуют аштанга йогу в полнолуние и новолуние.

Также, один из ближайших учеников Паттабхи Джойса — Эдди Штерн, который теперь сам является признанным учителем с большим опытом, писал, что одной из причин выходных в эти дни было то, что в них проводились довольно много ритуалов и времени на йогу просто не оставалось. Здесь тоже можно усмотреть то, что в дни полнолуния и новолуния лучше заниматься медитациями, чтением полезной литературы и т.п., а не практикой асан.

Вот таким образом, эта традиция выходных от йоги в лунные дни, пришла в наше время. Очень многие практики йоги ее соблюдают.


If you work in front of your PC a lot and feel tightness in your shoulders, try to add these simple exercise after your workday to open your shoulders in different direction.

1-2 Raise your right arm and bend your elbow, bend your left elbow from below and try to catch your right hand with a help of a strap ( if you can reach your hand without a strap, simply hold your hand). Open your heart forward and gaze straight ahead. Stay here for 5 deep breaths , then change the sides.
3. Hold your elbows from behind your back and drop you chin on your chest. Relax here for 5 to 7 breaths.
4. Join your palms behind your back, open your chest and gaze in front of you. Enjoy the stretch and feel how different it is to prior exersices.
5. Stand up and step behind with your left leg, join your hands from behind your back . With inhale open your heart and with exhale bring your head on your knee. After 5 deep breaths repeat on the other side.
6. Sit with your legs crossed , cross your fingers behind your back and let your head fall down , your hands to the front . Stay here as long as it is comfortable . *
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Yoga Tutorial for utthita Trikonasana :

The popular way of practicing utthita Trikonasana is holding the big toe which doesn't give full benefit of the pose and it puts excess pressure on our hip joint. .

Hence, to get the full exposure you need to allow your hip to come in line, after stabilising the hip extend the trunk sideways in order to work on opening the hip as well as extending both the sides of the trunk equally. .
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I’ve been getting this question a lot lately 😁 And the good news is, there is no right or wrong!

Created by @maryochsner
💁🏼‍♀️The amount of time you hold a pose will vary from person to person. As well as pose to pose!
😘Here are some tips... but remember, this is just a suggestion! You are always welcome to hold a pose for longer or shorter if you like!
• You’ll commonly see this in a Vinyasa style or flow class
• Great way to connect breath & movement & tap into that meditative flow state during your practice
• Be careful when you’re moving fast! This can lead to injury if you don’t transition properly or keep good alignment!
• This is what I commonly recommend for beginners.
• You can experience the pose without feeling rushed
• Gives you time to move mindfully
• Can go a little deeper & improve alignment
• Great for when you’re working on balance, flexibility, strength & restorative poses.
• Longer holds give you time to improve alignment & become more familiar in a pose
• Gives you space to really go deep
• Be mindful: If a pose feels too intense or painful, ease out of the pose! It’s more important to listen to your body than to force yourself to hold longer.
💖 Was this helpful for you?!💖 Let me know in the comments what other tutorials you would like to see!
Music: See You
Musician: @iksonofficial
Wearing: @athleta
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Hello, beautiful souls💞. Here is my 15 min morning warm up before we leave this marvelous place.
These exercises help me in a short time to come to a tone, warm up the joints and make the lymphatic and blood system work.
Video is 6 times fast


Привет 👋 всем 💞

Сегодня мы уже покидаем это прекрасное место. И это моя 15-ти минутная разминка прежде чем паковать чемоданы 🧳, садиться в такси 🚕, трястись в самолетах ✈️ с пересадкой. Эти простые, но эффективные упражнения быстро приведут в тонус, разогреют суставы и разгонят кровь и лимфу.
Wearing @yobaby_hk
Using traveling mat @poza_yoga
#iloveyoga #yogalife
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Your results are just a reflection to your commitment.
🌸 April 15-21 🌸

Spring is here, the flowers are blossoming, and we want to see all of your most beautiful, creative poses for each day's theme.
🌸 Lineup:
day 1: Hip Opener✔
day 2: Core Strengthener✔
day 3: Headstand✔
day 4: Twist✔
day 5: Arm Balance✔
day 6: Backbend
day 7: Yogi's Choice
🌸 Hosts:
🌸 Sponsors:
@vayumudra - a generous €60 giftcard
@aromabyhyun - a package with mat cleaner + mist + incense
@nourished_abroad - a full 30-min nutritional consultation


Women that try this jumpsuit said ‘I feel naked in it! That’s exactly what I was looking for when I created this jumpsuit! The idea is to wake-up, to put it on and do yoga, a very comfy yoga session!;) Wearing @madewithpeaceintransylvania
This weekend at @dichisar.ro .
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Woohoo almost the weekend!! 🐰🐣🐇Taught a class this afternoon and guess what we did? Dolphin and shoulder strengtheners yay! They weren’t quite ready for pincha and some of these burner drills but one day!! 🙌🙌 So happy to see some of you trying the drills and feeling amazing after 💪🔥😍 .
Day 5 of #PinchaPlayLove is L-shape at the wall (pike), our first forearmstand. This is a great way to work on alignment and strengthen the shoulders and core. Also thought to show how to fallout safely - so if you’re still glued to Paul the Wall, I encourage you to try this elbow lift and cartwheel exit. It took me a long time to move away from the wall but when I did, the pincha world opened up immensely 😁 .
Sharing a video tutorial how to:
🌟 find L shape facing the wall .
🌟 place forearms down and kick up in L shape middle of the room .
*palms can be flat or clasped, whatever your preference .
🌟 fallout safely (slo-mo included)
*option to fall into forearm wheel if your forearm wheel is very open (I’m still working on my fall to forearm wheel 😊)
Vid speed x 2, 🎶 by @tloopmusic
Loving the gallery of strong dolphins!! Please see my amazing co-hosts for inspiration, tips and tricks.
🧘‍♀️ Hosts 🧘‍♀️
🌟 Sponsors 🌟
@Believe_Athletics (my outfit)
@ajnawellbeing (my mat)
@mayyouknowjoy .
Pose List:
1. Puppy pose (stretch) ✔️ .
2. Chaturanga (strength) ✔️
3. Forearm wheel (stretch) ✔️
4. Dolphin (strength) ✔️
5. Pincha L-shape facing the wall (pike) ✔️
6. Pincha leg play (stag, bow n arrow, teapot, eagle)
7. Pincha straight up
#pinchapike #yogatutorial #yogavideo #pinchaprep #yogalove #happyyoga #igyogachallenge #yogafun #pincha #learnpincha #pinchamayurasana #forearmstand #learnyoga #pinchafallout #igyogacommunity #yogachallenge #yogacommunity #igyogafam #igyogafamily #practiceyoga #yogaforbeginners #beginneryoga #crazysexyyoga #strongyoga


Tonight was such an eye opener for me. This community continually teaches me to open up and be ready. I love you all.


🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 〰️〰️〰️
🧘🏼‍♀️Zmiana jest jedyną stałą rzeczą w życiu🧘🏼‍♀️
👉🏼W zależności od tego, jaką praktykę wykonujesz, jak twoje ciało czuje, gdzie jest twój umysł i w którym środowisku jesteś, balansujące pozy będą się czuły inaczej każdego dnia. Pewnego dnia Tree Pose (Vrksasana) może wydawać się dla ciebie naprawdę łatwa, podczas gdy następnego dnia możesz czuć się niestabilny lub zmęczony.
I tak jak uprawianie balansowania na macie, każdego dnia poza matą jesteś inny!
Staraj się nie przywiązywać do przyzwyczajeń i odpuść wszelkie oczekiwania, które masz wobec siebie i innych. Zauważ subtelne zmiany w sobie - mentalnie i emocjonalnie - i zaakceptuj siebie za to, kim jesteś i gdzie jesteś teraz w swoim życiu.
Wiedz, że jutro przyniesie nowe doświadczenie. Pokochaj zmiany i pamiętaj, że nawet najmniejsze rzeczy mogą mieć duże znaczenie.
🧘🏼‍♀️Obecna chwila zasługuje na Twoją pełną uwagę🧘🏼‍♀️
👉🏼Kiedy jesteś w pozie równowagi, musisz poświęcić jej całą swoją uwagę. Życie w tej chwili i skupienie się na wysiłku pozy pomaga stać Ci się silniejszym i bardziej stabilnym.
Dotyczy to również wszystkiego, co robisz w życiu. Jeśli nie koncentrujesz się na tym, co robisz, możesz nie osiągnąć swojego pełnego potencjału. W naszym szybkim, wieloaspektowym świecie zwracanie uwagi na jedną rzecz może czasami wydawać się niemożliwe. Ale balansujące pozy mogą przypomnieć ci, jak ważne jest praktykowanie i praca nad byciem w chwili obecnej i poświęcenie jej pełnej uwagi.
🧘🏼‍♀️Jesteś silniejszy niż myślisz🧘🏼‍♀️
👉🏼Budowanie siły, koordynacja i umiejętność aktywowania i izolowania określonych mięśni w równowadze pogłębia ogólną praktykę. Ale to wymaga czasu i poświęcenia, gdy odkrywasz nowe ruchy i kontynuujesz wyzwanie. Praca z różnymi równoważącymi asanami - pomaga twojemu ciału i umysłowi stać się ostrzejszymi. Wtedy zaczynasz rozumieć, jak te dwa są połączone.


Struggles challenge you, make you humble, tough and fierce. You may not like it at the moment, but your struggles will turn into courage, self-growth and self-worth.


Omfg I suck at #handstand so day 5 of #airscapingwinterblues was terrifying for me. But I did it lolol. 🧚‍♀️🧘‍♀️YOGA challenge🧘‍♂️ 🧚‍♂️ April 14th-19th
Repost and Follow
all our incredible Hosts and Sponsors.
Complete the pose assigned for the day . Post the picture of that days challenge with each host and sponsor tagged. Each sponsor will choose a winner at the end of the challenge. 11 chances to WIN !
@sashka_co 💜💜💜 Poses
➡️Day 1 twist 🌀
➡️Day 2 firefly 🧚‍♀️
➡️Day 3 split 🤸‍♀️
➡️Day 4 wildthing 🦁
➡️Day 5 handstand 🙌
Day 6 Yogis Choice 💗
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(5) Take Flight 🐥 (eka pada galavasana)— see my previous 4 posts for prep. From figure 4 standing fold, shift weight towards your toes, lift your standing heel and press firmly into your palms (remember hands can be on blocks). Press your right shin into your upper arms as you flex the ankle and curl the foot around the outside of your left upper arm. Bend your elbows and lean your heart over your thumbs. Activate the core, this helps you take flight. Take a few breaths here getting lighter on your foot.
Before you proceed consider these wise words from @petersterios “If there’s no importance in reaching the final pose, what’s the point? Actually it’s freedom. Detaching from the goal of a “perfect pose” allows us to surrender, willfully, to what is in any given moment. This is a powerful place to be. It is here we often discover intuition, using the very part of the brain where yoga “happens”. It is where we make connection, or union, between the hemispheres of the brain and experience a feeling of being in the “zone”- a state where things flow in perfect unison.”
Commit to this shift in your approach. Perhaps today you stay on your tip toes...
Press into the perimeter of your palms. Continue to activate your core as you (Picture 2) actively kick your left heel to your butt, and squeeze your shin into your arms and your arms into your shin. Feel your shoulder blades drop flush into your back. Breathe and allow the breath to be your guide. If you can breathe evenly here stay or move on. If the breath isn’t smooth, slow down and back up.
(Picture 1) Stretch your left leg up and back. Root back through the heel and press down through your pinky toe to activate your leg. Feel the strength of your core lifting you. Look slightly forward. Breathe wherever you are and find surrender in that powerful place. (Repeat on the left side.)


Post Credit @justsul

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Tutorial for #ekapadabakasa is here :D
1st and 2nd is the same video, but different angle so you can see the details.
The video focusing in building the strengths to arms and core, balance and focus.
3rd video is the simple sequence how you get there. So when you put one knee on tricep, try to pull the hip higher will make you easier to lift the back leg. Thinking about hugging in the elbows and lifting up the hip.
@fitnessfirst_id .
#bakasana #core #armbalance #video #tutorial #yogatutorial #yogateacher #yogaindonesia #likeforlikes #yogavideo #yogaathome #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #focus #likeforfollow #strength #core #fitnessfirstindonesia #fitnessfirsterindonesia #vinyasa #ashtanga


🐒 Hanumanasana ↔ Monkey Pose or Seated Splits Pose on #yogatutorial with @omniyogagirl
✨ Floating Splits Tutorial ✨ #omniyogagirltips ✨ Make sure to warm up with multiple rounds of Sun Salutations before moving on to the next stages 🙏🏻
Prep Poses - spend 10 breaths or longer in each pose:
* Rag doll (dangling in a standing forward fold
* Seated forward fold
* Low lunge
* Low lunge with quad stretch
* Half splits
1. Begin in a low lunge with the back foot flexed & the toes tucked under
2. Use your hands to support yourself either side of your front leg as you extend the front leg forward as far as you can
3. Lift your back knee & straighten your back leg
4. Lean forwards & take hold of your front foot with both hands. Your elbows should be on the mat either side of your calf muscle
5. Fold forward over your front leg & square your hips (in my photos this would mean drawing the right hip back & the left hip forward). Push into your back foot & keep your hips lifted
6. Broaden your shoulders & push into the elbows as you use your arm & shoulder strength to lift your foot off of the mat with your hands. Keep your legs & core strongly engaged, & press through your back heel to hover your splits above the mat
✨Key Tips✨ This really is a balance of strength & flexibility.... Keep working the legs strongly as you float your splits & extend out through both of them. Think about sinking your hips down as you lift your front leg to maintain the split - They will have a tendency to pop up! Use your core to get a deep forward fold & to help with the lift. Let me know if you give it a try! What tutorials would you like to see? Please let me know in the comments 👍
🙏Follow - @love.yoga.99
Use our tag to be featured - #loveyoga99
🙏Don't forget to follow us. And show us to your friends.
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Hello my hippy friends - day 3 of #strongflexyyogi is internal hip rotation drills. This is a less familiar action in our bodies than our external movements so enjoy the play!
I start with all fours and extend on leg back with my hip squared. Our hips typically find rotating the extended leg back externally an easier action so in some ways squaring is a lot of effort!
Step the extended foot outside of you same side hand and step into a one leg balance I call “floating gomukhasana” or lower body only 🐄 face pose.
I promise I did both sides but for time’s sake I show only ☝🏼. Also note this is sped up - I’m a firm believer fast doesn’t allow the body to experience the actions as extensively as slower movement.
To add some challenge I take it up a notch by removing the support of hands in transition and go from digasana/ ✈️ to floating gomukhasana.
Please see my cohosts did their options:
@laraliam .


Collage #yogisinwonderland challenge - - - - - -
Ikutan cie @susideawulan @yuyun_yuhani12 @ingeindriyani @katkatarina_
Reposted from @mrs_khaleesi_gaither - ☕️⏱🐇We're all mad here!
Join Josey, Cat, Kirsty and Leah as they go down the proverbial rabbit hole in their yoga practice from March 17-21.



Pose List
🐇White Rabbit Pose
🐱Cheshire Cat Pose
👑Queen of Heart Openers
🥀Talking Flower Pose (Lotus/Bop/etc)
🎩Mad Hatters (Yogis Choice)

🌟 To join and be eligible for a prize
1. Repost the flyer and invite friends to join too!
2. Follow and tag all hosts & sponsors in your captions.
3. Post daily using the hashtag #YogisInWonderland
4. Make sure that your IG profile is set to public so that we can see your photos
5. Have fun & BE SAFE
#madhatter - #regrann