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This is what 1st Phorm is about. We don’t care where you’re at in your journey, we just care that you get rid of the excuses, doubt, and fear that we’re holding you back before and just do the work... and give it all you’ve got.
@kaciekfit never gave up on accomplishing this obstacle and the #LegionofBoom was there the entire time to not only cheer her on but to help her when she needed it.
This was a very proud moment for us at #SummerSmash2018. Great work Kacie. Props to @derekweida and @mrfrisella for providing that extra push. #iam1stPhorm


It’s gonna be one ☀️hot summer, so here’s a great way to stay cool off and protect those gainz from @pj450! You can find these popsicle trays at most stores or on amazon! Congrats to PJ on winning a free product for our #1stPhormVideo challenge! #iam1stPhorm


If you can’t make a change for yourself, do it for the ones who love you and depend on you. Look for reasons other than just looking good to get in the best shape of your life. @huge_fat_loser goes into what made him make a change. #iam1stPhorm


One of the hardest parts about dieting for fat loss, is avoiding cravings.😩 It’s natural for your body to produce these cravings when you feed it less and less. That’s where our Level-1 sustained protein comes in. With flavors like Ice Cream Sandwich, 😋you can satisfy your sweet tooth for hours at a time.
Hell, you can even freeze some up and eat it like ice cream! It’s especially great as a late night snack because that’s when a lot of people fall off their diet and because it will feed your muscles as you sleep. Helping you burn more fat and build more muscle. #iam1stPhorm


Great message and #1stPhormvideo contest submission from @roy_ulrich! Congrats on getting your video featured Roy! That means you’ve won a free product of your choice! #iam1stPhorm
🎥 @bonnaroo_


🌱There is literally no easier or faster way to get in your daily servings of vegetables than our #Optigreens50.
Our greens contain zero synthetic colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. They are also 100% non-GMO and low temperature processed to maintain its bioavailability! Did we mention the grasses are are fully organic as well?!
These are the highest quality greens there are and they will help you with digestion, overall gut health, immune function, and natural energy levels. #iam1stphorm
📷 @marquise_fitness_


One heartbeat. That’s the phrase that comes to mind when we look at this picture. A community of people, from all walks of life, with the same goal and determination to get there. Books on culture will be written one day about what you all have created, because there is nothing else like it. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you #LegionofBoom. It’s always such an incredible time getting to meet and talk to you all. We hope you had fun and thank you for making #SummerSmash2018 unforgettable. #iam1stphorm


From our #Phamily to yours, Happy Father’s Day! Shout out to all the “dads” out there too, for raising kids the right way with lots of love, guidance, discipline, and respect... especially the dads that help raise kids that aren’t there’s. Have a safe and fun holiday! #iam1stphorm


Sound on bc @thedblife has something to say! Safe to say #SummerSmash2018 was a huge success! We can’t thank you guys enough for coming out and making it the most epic Summer Smash yet! Thank you for making the #LegionofBoom the most badass community there is... not just in fitness, but ANYWHERE. Travel safely, and we will see you all next year! #iam1stphorm


(Sound up!) Lots of surprises here at #SummerSmash2018! With that said, we want to welcome into the #Phamily our newest Elite Athlete, @stormi_knight3! This badass, started off a customer, won a brand ambassador spot in our Athlete Search, and now an Elite Athlete! Very honored to have you on the squad Stormi! #iam1stPhorm


Mudrun ✅ next up... The main event. Let’s Fucking Goooooo!! Gonna be litty! #iam1stphorm


Who’s making sure they never miss another Summer Smash again? #LegionofBoom invented “work hard, play hard.” #iam1stphorm


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