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1st Phorm Athlete @candopushthru here today to talk to you guys about proper form when on the rowing machine. The rower is an awesome machine and a nice switch up for cardio. #iam1stphorm


Help us wish Happy Birthday to our TREEMAN aka @dannyjonesfitness! 🌴


So gorgeous right? And yes, we’re referring to the rocks that athlete @nodonutshere is so rudely blocking our view of. 🙄 #iam1stPhorm #okFineMikeYourePrettyToo #1stPhormWorldWide

Grand Canyon National Park

Do you love cereal, recovering faster and getting results? Of course you do! That’s what makes our Loop D Fruit and CTC #Phormula1 flavors do awesome. These proteins will take ya right back to childhood because they taste exactly like the leftover milk in your cereal bowl! The difference is, you get the recovery and muscle building power of our Phormula-1 protein! Fun fact: if you mix 1 scoop of Each of these flavors, it makes an entirely different cereal... Apple Jacks! #iam1stPhorm


🎥 1st Phorm Athlete @realworld_tactical “The reason people lose is because they aren’t willing to get punched in the fucking mouth more than once” - @andyfrisella #iam1stPhorm


The best part about the #LegionofBoom is their willingness to help others succeed. Supplements, fitness, nutrition... they can all be very intimidating things for people starting out.
Do I want to do cardio before or after my workout?
How many calories should I eat?
What makes #1stPhorm superior to other brands?
Plus a million other questions that go through a beginner’s mind. This is also why we staff our headquarters with fully certified NASM Personal Trainers and Fitness Nutrition Specialists with at least 5 years of industry experience.
That’s right, anytime you call us, you’re talking to a knowledgeable professional right here at headquarters.
There’s no phone menus to navigate and no question they won’t have an answer for. And if there is one they don’t know, you can bet your ass they will find one.
So thank you to everyone who reached out to help others so that they can reach their goals too!
📷 Legionnaire @destiney_fit


Great #transphormation from @the_stitch_girl after only 27 Days in our 8 Week $50,000 Sprint Challenge!
We just want to remind everybody that you MUST have your Transphormation cards in both your before and after photo (like above) if you want to be featured or qualify to win!
You could see results like this too! Even though you miss the entry date to sign up for our first 8 week challenge, you can still use our website and gain access to all the tools to help you with your #Transphormation! And guess what... it’s FREE!
Just tap the link in bio to get started! We built a website from the ground up, to be the best resource out there for getting results.
All included upon signing up:
🍱 FREE custom diet plans
💪 FREE custom workout plans
👨🏽💻 FREE coaching
💻 FREE Blogs
📽️ FREE Training videos
📖 FREE E-Books
🍰 FREE healthy Recipes
📞 FREE help from 1st Phorm's NASM Certified Personal Trainers and NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialists


You don’t start getting beach ready when it starts getting warm out, by that time, it’s almost too late! 🏖️
You need to start right now so you’re body is ready to go the moment it warms up. Our Royal 21 fat loss system will not only help you get rid of fat faster, but it will also make the entire process easier!
Your energy and focus will be at its peak, keeping you energized for work, gym, and whatever else.
Your cravings will be gone.
Your metabolism will be in hyperdrive and your cortisol levels will be greatly reduced too! That way, your body won’t want to keep adding fat to your lower abdomen area!
For the ladies, this product will also help keep your hormones balanced too! Start working towards that beach bod today... you won’t regret it. #iam1stPhorm
1st Phorm Athlete @kerrihayesfit


Behind the scenes look from our last monthly meeting where 1st Phorm CEO @andyfrisella discussed “Selective Urgency” and why people who win, don’t have it. #iam1stPhorm


What not to do vs what to do on #ValentinesDay 💘 Tag your swolemate! #iam1stphorm
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Did you know it would cost you almost $150 to equal what is inside our #Microfactor for a 1/3 of the cost?! Here’s a great breakdown from trainer @warriorfit1 on what you’ll find inside each daily nutrient pack.
Micro-Factor is a complete daily packet with everything you need to protect your health and make sure your body is functioning optimally.
✅A complete multi: fills nutritional gaps with all the micronutrients our bodies are lacking from incomplete diets and stress
✅Antioxidant: removes free-radicals from the body and boost immunity
✅Probiotic: improves gut health, digestion, mental and emotional wellbeing. The majority of your immunity is housed in the gut as are neurochemicals related to mood, focus, and mental clarity.
✅EFA: Fatty acids improve brain function and a key for fat loss
✅Fruits and veggies: 97% of Americans don't get enough of either every day. This quickly fills those gaps.
✅CoQ10: heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. This product is key for a healthy cardiovascular system.
Make sure to select the #EasyPhorm option when adding to your cart so you never run out! #iam1stPhorm


You don’t need 1-2 hours to get in a good workout. Even with just your body weight, you could knock out a high intensity full body circuit and be completely worn out after 20 minutes. Think about this the next time you want to try and convince yourself “you’re too busy” or “you don’t have time for the gym”. #iam1stPhorm
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