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2 Corinthians 5:7

To see my wife be this happy made this trip a very special one. As we both grind in our own separate lives, this trip really allowed us to reconnect and dig deeper into our purpose as husband and wife. I’m not going to sit and here and make it seem like every day of our lives goes without any stress or frustration, but this trip made our fight for Love very much worth it. #ArcherBaze #ShesHappyImHappy


Special thanks to @marcleish and @beginagainfoundation for having me participate in their annual golf tournament a couple weekends ago! Even though we played in British Open weather, I had a great time playing with these gentlemen. #LatePost @uagolf @odu @bayville_golf_club



Had a cool time today with @bret.e.benjamin! Appreciate you spending some time with me today! Peep the logo on the ball! Big thanks to my guy @choop72 for making it happen! #FairwayBaze


“I put my hand to the sky I sing grateful for the blessings you bring. Thank you for the ones I love. Forgive me for the times I was down and confused I know what I reap is what I will sow..”


My squad versus your squad on the links! Huge couple of weeks ahead for these golfers from @emorygolf. Had an awesome tight hanging out with them today! #JustAnotherRoundOfGolf. Big shoutout to my guy @choop72 for making this possible. @atlhawks


It’s going down this Saturday at Infinite Energy Arena! The @georgiaswarm are facing a solid team out of Vancouver. Learned that indoor lax is a lot like basketball. Pick and roll, etc! You can still purchase your tickets at Oh btw, don’t sweat the technique!! 😎😎😎 @armsfoundation


@serpebazesam out here draining my most favorite shot in all of basketball... the corner 3! 🏀🏀🏀


#TBT no McDonalds, No Jordan, no draft... believe that your #WILLFindsAWay @uabasketball


My family and I want to send our condolences to the Popovich family. I cannot imagine what they’re feeling but I know they have a battle tested man to lead the way. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #NBAFamily


Shoutout @taylormadegolf for these custom # and logo balls. Definitely working on keeping these in play and away from the cart path! 😂😂😂 @uagolf for always supplying the gear


Anyone want to help me compartmentalize my garage!? I want to do floors, tool box, cabinets etc. (Although I dont mind the echo) 😂😂🏎️.🗯️🗯️🗯️ #LoupGris #RS7 #Nardo #Milltek #SFLO #REMUS @giac_tuning


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