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After an 8 hour crossing at night with sideways wind & heavy 6 meter seas coming over the boat we shook off the terrible nights sleep, swirling stomachs & wobbly legs to the small island of Værøy, 2nd smallest inhabited island in the Lofoten chain. We were greeted with a short window of decent weather & made the 11mile trek up to one of the most surreal places I’ve witnessed. As if like magic we forgot all about the night before. .
All shot on iPhone
Photo workshop day 1 working with



A crooked horizon, the plane wing poking out in the corner & even a reflection & color cast from the double pane window we were trying to shoot from. Technically speaking the image could be considered a failure in my opinion. But when it comes to revealing the rawness of the place & situation .. this one has it all.
Circumnavigating the active volcano of Mt Cleveland during my documentation of the Aleutian Islands for my conservation grant with @conservationorg



Currently on a plane with nervous excitement to be heading back to where it all began for me. My deep love of cold water, rugged surf & massive granite fjords. This photograph shot over 6 years still feels just as relevant to the style & message of my work. An exploration of a humans place in the world around us.
I’ll be sailing through these islands teaching a photo workshop over the next 8 days looking for slivers of light & rumors of surf while avoiding rain.



Phone wallpapers are back! After a long hiatus I just released two new Phone wallpapers in my newsletter. Sized for pretty much every device out there. Download the images in my bio link or here

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Slowly the fog has disappeared. Every morning has felt a little colder, the nights a little clearer. Fall season is in full affect and as every photographer knows.. Fall is the season of golden fading light, offshore winds, changing leaves and the inevitable beginning of winter. It’s also the time of year I shoot the most. It’s the consistency of Falls epic conditions that give it such a good name amongst photographers. I can’t wait to see what this one brings.



Some of the finest nature has to offer,
Just a small piece of what the world has given us.
@ellithor takes in his local grandeur.



The light paints the landscape.
I’m just an observer.



Sand in places I didn’t even know sand could get. That’s about all I remember from this experience... hard to be poetic when all you can think is hiking 13 miles through this alpine desert and finding sand hidden in every crack and crevice for weeks after.



Standing on the TED global stage to speak changed my life. If you have 9 minutes to spare .. I would ask you to watch it. It’s my kernel of truth I have to share with the world & I honestly have never prepared harder for anything in my entire life. For 6 months in 2015 this talk ruled my life.. I revised it & started over 17 times.. it became more than just a part of me. I recited it so many times It consumed my dreams.
“The Joy of Surfing In Freezing Cold Water” is available online & in my bio link.
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You may think that flying massive cargo planes for a living would leave little excitement for getting back into a bush plane to explore in your off time. But the more I get to know pilots the more I realize just how deep their passion goes for flying. Regardless of craft, location or career. Below, Icelandic commercial pilot Jón flies his restored piper cub over a pseudo crater while I lean out the window from @super_cubbin ‘s experimental bush plane with my camera.



It was nearly a year ago I saw these dunes for the first time. From a distance they seem manageable.. almost small when compared the 14,000 ft peaks that surround them. But the closer you get you realize the the word mountain would not be unfitting for some of these sand summits. Sitting between 8-9k above sea level it truly has an alpine feeling .. and by all means will get your lungs burning should you choose to hike them. I have spent many days walking up it’s steep faces and forging sandy trails in search of a perfect ridge line. But it wasn’t until last month during my photo workshop that I was able to stand a top the STAR DUNE. North America’s largest dune ( top right) . With faces so steep you would have to employ techniques closer related to snow or ice climbing as you front point into the hard pack sand face. If you make it there... it’s worth the hike. Trust me.



A 30 second exposure can really change the way you see the world. The stars get brighter, the clouds get milky & car lights streak through the trees below. Creating this type of photograph from a single image, in camera can take a lot of trial & error, but the results are always worth it in my opinion. I’ll take the grain & the high ISO.

Shot with @sonyalpha A7SII
20mm F1.4
30 seconds @ ISO 8,000