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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: skin safety starts with sun safety. For a healthy, sunless glow, look to these (faux) glow-getters:
✨ Instant Radiance Sunscreen - A tinted hydrator, all-physical SPF 40 and savvy color corrector all-in-one
✨ Gradual + Intense Glow Pads - Streak-free tanning towelette, with the exfoliating benefits of the Alpha Beta Peel #drdennisgross #skincare


Prepared for take-off? These flight-friendly sizes will transform your complexion--even while mile high!
✈️ Spectralite Eye Care Pro: Tackle the red eye with 3-minutes of LED red light therapy
✈️ 2.0 oz Pore Perfecting Cleanser: Freshen up with a balanced, deep cleanse
✈️ Dew It Right Eye Gel: Quench thirsty skin while eliminating puffiness and dry, fine lines
✈️ Brighten+Firm Eye Cream: Revive tired eyes with a supercharged dose of Vitamin C #drdennisgross #skincare


Why do we call it Moisture Cushion? Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, this airy formula locks in moisture, restores hydration,and cushions the complexion--without clogging the pores 💦 #drdennisgross #skincare


To the kind, loving, supportive dad's: we need you like Step 1 needs Step 2 👔 Happy Father's Day! #drdennisgross


"I was actually referred to this product from a @Sephora employee. She was so excited about it and actually I felt bad and didn’t want to tell her no, so I ended up saying okay throw it in and took a chance and I seriously want to run back and give her the biggest hug ever! I brought this home and tried it along with the Dr. Dennis gross Dew It All Eye and I can say I’ve finally found the perfect face routine I’ve been looking and searching for." -- AB Exfoliating Moisturizer Review, DiyMommy 📸 : @sharmtoaster


🎂🎉Happy 10th Birthday to our @cultbeauty family! 🎉🎂We can’t thank you enough for being an amazing partner and offering our line to beauty lovers worldwide! Cheers to 10 more years! #drdennisgross #cultbeauty


Which moisturizer is the RIGHT moisturizer YOU? Drop your skin type and concerns below for a personal recommendation 👇👇👇 #drdennisgross #skincare


Wash. Rinse. Repeat. When it comes to cleansing, technique is *everything* 🛁 For a rich, velvety lather, apply a dime-sized amount of cleanser into the palm of your hands with lukewarm water. Don't forget to lather the MOST forgotten areas of the face: the temples, bridge of nose, hairline, and jawline #drdennisgross #skincare


Are you applying your skincare products in the correct order? Remember the golden rule: thinnest to thickest consistency--the lighter the weight of the product, the faster it will absorb for the ultimate benefits #drdennisgross
✔️ Cleanser + Toner ✔️ Booster + Serum ✔️ Moisturizer ✔️ SPF


Not all forms of Vitamin C are created equal. Think of it as the battery that refreshes and recharges your skin. The potent antioxidant diminishes the production of dark spots and brightens the pigmentation that's already there--while eliminating fine lines in the process #drdennisgross #skincare


If you’re skeptical about adding retinol to your regimen, let’s clear the air. The all-star ingredient reigns supreme as an acne, fine line, wrinkle, sun spot, and brown spot fighter derived from Vitamin A. The best part? No prescription necessary 🏥 #drdennisgross #skincare


"I have to be honest that I was nervous to try these. I thought I'd end up with red, irritated skin but thought I'd do the little box and if I had issues, I'd stop. It was pretty much a guaranteed "your skin is going to freak" opinion. Turns out I was wrong. I can't believe, still, that I have had no issues. By the end of the smallest 5-day treatment box, my skin was glowing, pores were tiny and my skin texture was incredible. About halfway through I realized I could also get enough out to do the tops of my hands and décolletage each time. Bonus! So, here I am, two more boxes in hand ready for Round 2 (and 3!) as I noticed I could again use a skin pick me up. Love it!" @sephora AB Peel Reviewer, snooxi 📸 : @the_sims_twins #drdennisgross


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