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Live in a quiet area outside of the bustling city? 8 month old slender beauty Junie needs a loving foster home or adopter. Email to inquire. • She was rescued from Russia (see puppy pics slides 2 and 3), Located in Morristown NJ, Care of @sochi_dogs • “Junie is an adorable girl who loves to play with toys and bigger dogs! She is moderately active and enjoys hanging out in the back yard or a dog park. She needs a quiet, patient family to teach her that everything will be ok. In return Junie will be forever grateful and shower you with kisses! Junie is crate trained and she is learning her manners. If you are looking for a sweet gentle puppy who loves to play and cuddle, then Junie is the girl for you!”


Goya the 3 year old #Westie mix is on a mission. This little fella came all the way from Texas to New York City... to find his new permanent home he can call his own! Goya is mellow, loves to be under warm blankets, follow his human around, and is friendly with almost everyone! And not to forget - nothing gets him more stirred up than treats! If you’re interested in adopting Goya, please contact us at Foster mom: @thewondrouslifeoftulip, Care of: @waggytailrescue


Meet today’s #WCW Christine 😍 This Chicagoan spends her free time coming up with creative ways to market adoptable shelter animals, focusing on photography, fashion and positivity. Though she works in a non-animal-related corporate job by day, she always makes time to meet adoptable dogs and cats, and to promote rescue on her blog @rescueinstyle. Christine’s recent article on the challenge of finding pet-friendly housing is a reminder of the importance of this topic. Says Christine, “Between the Anti-Cruelty Society and Chicago Animal Care and Control, approximately 7,200 pets were surrendered by their owners in 2017. According to the Anti-Cruelty Society, ‘moving’ was the top reason that animals came to the shelter. Landlord issues ranked fourth out of 29 reasons for relinquishment.” This issue affects urban areas around the country, causing innumerable animals to end up homeless despite their being loved dearly - simply due to landlord restrictions. We applaud @rescueinstyle for showing the beauty and joy in rescuing a shelter pet! Keep up the amazing work! • #womancrushwednesday #fosterdogs #fosterdogsinc #chicago


You are making this all possible! Albie is one of our beloved #Fospice dogs. At 18 years old, Albert Einstein came to us from @nycacc needing a special home for his remaining time. Thanks to our incredible monthly donors, we were able to get him the vet care and continued support he needs. When you become a monthly donor aka #FosterChampion, you will receive a custom sticker set as a small thank you! Warning: you will want to put the stickers on everything. Link in bio :: ❤️ • Photo by @realhappydogs at @chloekardoggian’s 14th birthday party at @borisandhorton 🎂


#TongueOutTuesday for sweet Kobe! He's a 9-10 years old loving #Chihuahua with plenty of spunk. 😛 Kobe loves his walks and meeting new people and at just 6 pounds, he's down for adventures! This gentle boy is waiting for his home, companionship, and a nice warm lap to nap on. • Email us at for more info • Rescued by @strayfromtheheart • Photos: @marcepaws


Ever felt like one of your foster dogs was "the one who got away"? We want to hear your stories; tell us below! • When told by the rescue group that her beloved foster dog had potential adopters, this NYC law student had to make a tough decision about whether or not she could ever say "goodbye" to her foster. Emily sought advice from fellow foster folks in our #FosterForum group on Facebook, writing: "I am currently fostering a pup and having trouble deciding whether or not to adopt her. I would love to keep her; I just want to make the best decision for her. Please give any advice on working with a dog at home in the city." Read our blog for some of the thoughtful responses, and to learn how things turned out! • ☝🏻
📷: @ledaphotography@emily_dindial


Foster puppy alert! Look at these adorable hound puppies adoptable through @pupstarzrescue! Their mom is a 68 lb Coonhound with a wonderful temperament. Contact us at if you are interested in adopting these foster pupparoonies.


Today’s #MCM goes to all these big dogmen 👨🏻 who found foster/adoptive homes through @fosterdogs [see slideshow for some awesome dogs over the years!] ❗️ Large adult dogs are some of the most at-risk animals in shelters nationwide, and this is a problem WE CAN FIX - with your help! ➡️ Want to bring home a large-size foster dog of your own? Join our #FosterRoster (on our site under Join Us). Let’s save more shelter animals! • #mancrushmonday #fosterdogsinc #ilikebigdogsandicannotlie #thankstomaddie


We had an amazing time with @heartspeak at Saturday's #PerfectExposureProject workshop at @bark. Information was shared with rescue group directors and volunteers on how to create quality photo and marketing content to spread awareness on adoptable dogs, saving more lives! We had a few adoptable models from @friendswithfourpaws, @pupstarzrescue and @animalhaven during the workshop, while our participants learned photography tips and tricks. Thank you @barkforgood @bark for hosting, and @nycpetphotographer for winning this amazing @heartsspeak opportunity for us! Also, a great thank you to @savageuniversal for donating the studio set-up so that many of our fosters can now utilize the proper tools to create amazing pictures. Now let’s get out there and save more lives through quality photos and marketing efforts! • Photos by @nycpetphotographer


Such love ❤️ • Repost @browndog_coalition :: Happy Father's Day to all of the dog dads, foster-fathers, and dad-like people!🐾🐕


When you model too hard. • “Bobby Flay Jr attended the #perfectexposureproject today and practiced his model pose. It seems exhausting. Thanks to @fosterdogs for inviting us!” - @friendswithfourpaws @mostinterestingweenintheworld#fosterdogs #adoptme


😍 This puppy wants to know if you think he’s adorable. • Great photography and quality marketing are not only beneficial for shelter animals, these can be *essential* tools in saving lives. We’ve seen incredible things happen when a long-stay shelter dog gets a photo shoot, or when a volunteer takes a sweet video with a favorite dog at the shelter. • Today, we will learn from the team at @heartsspeak in their #perfectexposureproject workshop, a national program to show animal welfare organizations and photographers ways to make a difference. Thanks to @nycpetphotographer for winning this amazing opportunity for us, which we are sharing with the local rescue community - and to @bark for hosting! • For now, we leave you with a sweet puppy photo by @nycpetphotographer at our @charitywater #PuppyParty. #fosterdogs


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