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Photo by @gerdludwig | Early morning along a riverbank on the Waiãpi reservation in the northeastern Brazilian Amazon, a couple performs the daily ritual of brushing their child's teeth using a toothbrush and river water.
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Photo by @Jayaprakash_bojan | In 2017, this striking image of an orangutan surveying his environment from behind a tree in a river in Borneo, Indonesia, won grand prize in the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest. Expert judges reviewed thousands of entries before selecting this powerful photograph.

Have you taken a compelling image? Share it with us and join the 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest from October 15-November 15. We are looking for images that show us the world: its wildlife, people, and places. Learn more at ‪‬ (link in bio).


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Video by @renan_ozturk | A message to earth. The most recent IPCC report just released about climate change is sobering to say the least. With current emissions we are on a crash course that will be felt across all ecosystems, communities and economies. Change is needed now. Let’s hope the imagery we create and share on this platform has some positive impact on #Turningthetide


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Video by @TimLaman & @RussLaman | A spectacular misty morning flight over the rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, one of the best remaining lowland rainforest sites in all of Borneo, and a refuge of Indonesia’s amazing biodiversity. Filmed back in July after a rainy night created the perfect misty conditions at dawn. I’m excited to be going back to Gunung Palung this week to follow up on my @NatGeo camera trapping project and see if we’ve gotten any unusual critters. Stay tuned in by following @TimLaman and I’ll be sharing some of the lesser-known rain forest animals of Borneo. #GunungPalung, #Kalimantan, #rainforest, #mist, #Borneo, #IndonesiaBiodiversity.


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Wild_Life with @bertiegregory // The amount of effort that macaroni penguins must put in to give their chicks just a chance at survival is hard to comprehend. Giant waves, razor sharp rocks, mountain climbs and hungry seals are just a handful of the challenges these penguins must overcome each day to get just a single meal to their chick. // Check out the new season of Wild_Life at


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Photo by @davidalanharvey | The surfing scene in the Outer Banks NC is super eclectic, with a few super surf stars and a lot of riders like Alejandra @ale_jandram who are simply learning to read the waves. Here the Atlantic has a sandy bottom and the best surf breaks move around just like the islands themselves, as opposed to solid reef breaks in other parts of the world. This means less world class surf, yet more break spots for everyone. This makes for a generally polite, everybody gets a wave crowd. Fall is just around the corner and that’s when we do get the rare yet sweet double overhead barrels. Wind and sea. My life elixir.


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Photo by @tasneemalsultan | Photo taken during the basketball tournament for women in Jeddah, which was the second time Saudi women were allowed to enter a sports stadium in the country. The event was segregated, and no men were allowed to enter. #basketball #jeddah #saudiarabia #doodleforacause #women #womenempowerment


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Photo by @dguttenfelder | Lions walk together along a winding dirt trail on the floor of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro crater. #onassignment for @natgeoexpeditions


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Photo by @markosian | In a tiny village in the Itum Kale region, siblings play before dinner. The southernmost district of Chechnya was bombed to ruins during the two Chechen wars, and has since been carefully rebuilt. #chechnya


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Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | In Ittoqqortoormiit we sat down to discuss options for sailing on with the boat. We had maps of Wegener Halvø peninsula, up-to-date satellite images showing the sea-ice extent and nautical charts with limited soundings. The satellite images showed that accessing the fjords around the peninsula was impossible because of the sea ice. In addition the nautical charts showed that there was limited information, meaning the true nature of the depth and terrain of the fjord was still rather a mystery. Onward travel to Wegener Halvø peninsula by boat seemed highly
unlikely at this point. We had to look at other options... @greenland_caves #EAGRE18


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Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | We arrived in the colourful village of Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland late on the evening of the 3rd August and spent five days there as we waited for a good weather/sea ice opportunity to continue further north. During the ‘night’ of our second evening we were all woken up by a loud fog horn. It was from the supply tanker that comes in only twice a year. This was the first time it had arrived this year; the last time being at the end of September last year. The village came alive as for two days the residents were busy with the containers that were being ferried back and forth between the ship and land. @greenland_caves #EAGRE18


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Photo by @hammond_robin for @whereloveisillegal |
“There was a time in my life that I thought I was the only person of my kind on Earth, was very lonely, emotionally traumatized and looking for people I can relate to.” Effery is a transgender woman from Ghana. She feels it would be unsafe for her to be open about her gender identity: “When I'm outside the house I have to pretend I'm the boss. I need to walk more masculine, not very feminine, like the way I feel when I'm in the house. And the way I talk too sometimes when I'm out, I have to be very careful because when you start talking and you start being all fabulous and all gay, they'll raise eyebrows. So when I'm out there and I'm talking I need to talk straight. I need to act straight.”
Where Love is Illegal traveled to Kenya, Mozambique and Ghana with the support of Elton John AIDS Foundation (@ejaf) to continue our work sharing LGBTQI+ stories of survival and to raise awareness of the impacts of stigma. Around the world, grants made by the Elton John AIDS Foundation make possible the work of countless community-rooted organizations that touch the lives of millions every day. For more information, and to join the fight, visit
This is a @witness_change project. For more stories of survival follow @WhereLoveIsIllegal